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PHY101 : Physics

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Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA

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Introduction to Physics, Kinematics, Force and Newton s laws, Applications of Newton’s laws-I, Applications of Newton’s laws-II, Work & Energy, Conservation of energy, Momentum & Collision, Rotational kinematics, Physics of many particles, Angular momentum, Equilibrium of rigid bodies, Oscillations-I, Oscillations-II, Physics of materials, Physics of fluids, Physics of sounds, Wave motion, Gravitation, Electrostatics-I, Electrostatics-II, Electric potential, Capacitors & Currents, Current & Circuits, The magnetic field, Electromagnet induction, Alternating current, Electromagnetic waves, Physics of light, Interaction of light with matter, Interference & diffraction, The particle nature of light, Geometric optics, Heat-I, Heat-II, Heat-III, special Relativity-I, special Relativity-II, Matter as waves, Quantum mechanics, Introduction to atomic Physics, Introduction to nuclear Physics, and Physics of the Sun.