STA643 : Experimental Designs

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Probability & Statistics

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Dr. Tanvir Ahmed
Post doctorate

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Pr  Principles of Design of Experiments, Difference between two independent samples and paired comparison design, ANOVA, Types of Model, Cochran''s theorem, Model adequacy checking tools, Nonparamteric methods in ANOVA, Multiple comparison procedure is appropriate for your situation?, Basic Experimental Design, Concept of Blocking in Design of Experiment, Introductory understanding of Factorial Designs as among the most common experimental designs, Application of Fractional Factorial designs, Application of 3k factorial designs, the interaction components and relative degrees of freedom, Understanding the concept of nesting factors inside another factor, Understanding the two main approaches to analyze the split- plot designs and their derivatives and the basis for each approach, Mixed level factorial design, Response surface methodology, Variance optimal first order design, Prediction variance, Model and least squares, Screening stage of RSM, Cuboidal Region, Spherical Region, Rotatabililty, Design moments, Contour plot, 3-D response surface plot, Central composite design, Box-Behnken design (BBD), Small Composite Design (SCD), Alphabetic design optimalities, Variance dispersion graphs, Tradeoff between different optimality criteria, Orthogonal blocking in second order designs, and Use of Statistical Software in DOE.