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PSY101 : Introduction to Psychology

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Dr. Sarah Shahed
Ph .D in Psychology
The University of Punjab

Course Contents

Introduction to Psychology, Historical Roots of Modern Psychology, Schools of Thought, Perspective/Model/Approach, Psychodynamic Approach/ Model, Behavioral Approach, The Humanistic Approach and the Cognitive Approach, Research Methods in Psychology, Physical Development and Nature Nurture, Cognitive Development, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Sensation, Hearing (Audition) and Balance, Perception, Altered States of Consciousness, Learning, Operant Conditioning, Cognitive Approach, Memory,Secondary/ learnt/Psychological motives, Emotions, Cognition and Thinking, Thinking, Reasoning, Problem- Solving and Creativity, Personality, Intelligence, Psychopathology, Abnormal Behavior, Psychotherapy, Popular Areas of Psychology, Health Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Sport Psychology, Forensic Psychology