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PSY407 : Sport Psychology

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Humair Hashmi
Masters in Psychology, specialization in Consumer Psychology
Towson State College, Baltimore, Md, USA

Course Contents

Introduction to sport psychology, Confidence in Sport, Selecting Self-Talk Statements, Goal Perspective Theory, The Attributional Model, Internal/External Attributions, Developing Intrinsic Motivation in Sport, Goal Setting in Sport, Principles of Effective Goal Setting, A Team Approach to Setting Goals, Benefits of Youth Sports and Reasons Children Participate Potential Negative Factors Associated with the Youth Sports Experience, Attention and Concentration in Sport, Attention Narrowing, Theories of Personality, The Measurement of Personality, Structured Questionnaires Designed for Athletes, Situational Factors Related to Anxiety and Mood, Anxiety, Arousal, and Stress Relationships, The Multidimensional Nature of Anxiety, Alternative to Inverted-U Theory, Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions, Relaxation Strategies for Sport, Arousal Energizing Strategies, Coach Athlete, and Parent Interaction, Imagery and Sport Performance, Theories of Why Imagery Works, Conceptual Models for Studying Imagery, The Role of Hypnosis in Sports, The Hypnotic Trait Issue, Effectiveness of Psychological Intervention Programs, Ethics in Sport Psychology, Aggression and Violence in Sport, The Catharsis Effect, Audience and Crowd Effects in Sport, Defining Characteristics of Team Cohesion, Athletic Performance, Theories of Leadership, Psychological Benefits of Exercise, The Theory of Planned Behavior, Exercise and the Immune System, Burnout in Athletes, The Psychology of Athletic Injuries, Psycho-physiological Effects of Banned Substances.