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PSY511 : Environmental Psychology

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Wali Muhammad
M.Sc in Psychology
Government College University Lahore

Course Contents

What is Environmental Psychology?, Common assumptions of environmental psychology, Theories in Environmental Psychology, Arousal Theories, Stimulus Load, Behavioral Constraint, and Adaptation Level Theories, Environmental Stress Theories ( Ecological Theories), The Present Framework and Future Directions in Environmental Psychology, Elementary Psychophysics, Perception and its Cognitive Basses, Probabilistic Functionalism and Environmental Cognition, Responses to Novel Environments and Environmental Cognition, Characteristics of Cognitive Maps, Environmental Evaluation (Affective Bases of Environmental Evaluation), Environmental Attitudes, Environmental Evaluation, Environmental Attitude Formation, Social Bases of Attitudes, Impact of Environment on Individual (Personality Development and Individual Differences), Murray’s Theory of Personality Development and Interactionist Perspective, Environmental Changes and Stress, Stress As Cause and Effect, Physiology of Stress, General Adaptation Syndrome, Researching Stress: The Environmental Context, Measuring Stressors, Measuring Stress: Psychological Assessment, Environmental And Cultural Variances (Conformity), Attributing Behavior To Persons And Situations, The Study Of Culture, Population and Environment, Impact of Environment on its Incumbents, Urbanization, Problems Related to Crowding, Impact of  Population Concentrations among Humans, Crowding and Density Human Experimental Studies, Crowding in Everyday Settings, The Built Environment and Human Adjustment, Prisons, Education Environments, Situational design reconsidered & queuing theory, Energy Use in Homes and Commercial Buildings, Strategies for Saving Energy, Further Plans – Cities and Global Interaction in Reference To Issues Studied, Summing Up Environmental Psychology.