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PSY512 : Gender Issues in Psychology

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PSY101, PSY403, PSY502, SOC101


Dr. Sarah Shahed
Ph.D in Psychology
The University of Punjab

Course Contents

Introduction and Historical Background of gender issues in Psychology, Historical Background: Feminist & Women’s Suffrage Movement, Gender-related research, Research methods for gender issues, Biological differences between genders, Theories of gender development and other approaches, Gender typing and stereotyping, Gender stereotypes, Developmental stages of gender stereotypes, Cultural influence and gender roles, Development of gender role identification, Gender differences in personality, Cognitive differences, Gender and media, Gender: Emotion and motivation, Gender and education, Gender, work and women's empowerment, Gender, work & related issues, Gender and violence, Gender and health, Gender, health and aging, Gender and health promoting behaviours, Gender and heart disease, Gender and cancer, Gender and HIV/Aids, Problems associated with females’ reproductive health, Obesity and weight control, Gender and psychopathology, Feminist therapy, New avenues for research in gender issues