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PSY632 : Theory & Practice of Counseling

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PSY101, PSY405


Dr. Kausar Sohail
Post-doc Psychology (Fulbright Fellowship)
University of California-Los Angeles, USA.

Course Contents

Introduction, Historical Background, Goals & Activities of Counseling, Ethical & Legal issues in Counseling, Effective Counselor, Counseling Skills, Listening & Understanding Skills Influencing skills, Focusing & challenging skills, Counseling process, Theory in the Practice of Counseling, Psychoanalytic approaches to counseling, Classical Psychoanalytic Approach, Neo-Freudians, Client-centered approach, Gestalt therapy, Existential therapy, Cognitive approaches to counseling, Transactional analysis, Behavioral approaches, Reality therapy, Groups in counseling, Marriage & family counseling, Career Counseling, Community Counseling & Consulting, Diagnosis & assessment.