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SOC401 : Cultural Anthropology

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PSY101, PSY405, SOC101


Syed Mohammad Ali
Masters in Development Studies
Melbourne University, Australia

Course Contents

What is Anthropology?, The Concept of Culture and the Application of Cultural Anthropology, Major Theories in Cultural Anthropology, Growth of Anthropological Theory, Methods in Cultural Anthropology, Comparative Study of Production, Distribution and Consumption in Different Parts of the World, Economic Anthropology, Focusing on Language, Obtaining Food in Different Cultures, Food and Culture (Continued), Obtaining Food in Different Culture, Relevance of Kinship and Descent, Kinship and Descent (Continued), The Role of Family and Marriage in Culture, Role of Family and Marriage in Culture, Gender and Culture, Gender Roles in Culture, Stratification and Culture, Theories of Stratification, Culture and Change, Political Organization, Psychology and Culture, Ideology and Culture, Associations, Cultures and Societies, Race, Ethnicity and Culture, Culture and Beliefs, Local or Indigenous Knowledge, Anthropology and Development, Cultural Anthropology and Art, Ethics in Anthropology, Relevance of Cultural Anthropology