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SOC603 : Sociology of Development

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Dr. Wasif Ali
PhD Sociology (Split Program)
Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Course Contents

Development: An Introduction, Economic Determinant of Development, Human Development, Social Development, Social Development in Pakistan, Sustainable Development, Approaches to Development, Socialist Model of Development, Islamic Model of Development, Agencies of Development, Constitution as an Agent of Development, Government Schemes and Programmes, NGOs and Development, Bottom-up Model, Welfare and Development, Equality and Development, Empowerment and Development, Poverty and Development, Modernization Theory, Theories of Underdevelopment, Population, Urbanization and Education: Development Approach, Political Development and Social Class, Development Aid, Critique of Industrialization, Development Model and Policies, Possible Futures of Development in the Third World, Planned Intervention, Agrarian Development, Globalization and Localization