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ZOO503 : Zoogeography and Paleontology

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Mr. Fahad Rafiq
MS Biology
Lahore University of Management Sciences

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Paleontology as a science, Fossils in time and space, Taphonomy and the quality of the fossil record, Paleoecology and paleoclimates, Macroevolution and the tree of life, Fossil form and function, Mass extinctions and biodiversity loss, The origin of life, Protists, Origin of the metazoans, The basal metazoans: sponges and corals, Spiralians: lophophorates, Spiralians: mollusks, Ecdysozoa: arthropods, Deuterostomes: echinoderms and hemichordates, Fishes and basal tetrapods, Dinosaurs and mammals, Fossil plants, Trace fossils, Diversification of life, Biogeography, Patterns of Distribution : finding a Home, Communities and Ecosystems, Patterns of biodiversity, Plate Tectonics, Biogeographical Regions Today, Ice and Change: The Ice ages, The Human Intrusion.