ACC501 : Business Finance

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Business Finance is all about the basic principles and concepts used in the financial matters of an enterprise. The main objectives of this course include developing proficient financial managers who would be comfortable in acquiring new skills as and when required, introducing the key topics including capital markets, financial ratio analysis, financial management of working capital, time value of money, bonds and stocks valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure, cost of capital, and short-term and long-term financing by means of debt and equity capital, and demonstrating to the students the important reasons for understanding financial techniques.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the contents and uses of financial statements.
  • Evaluate different investment proposal keeping in view the concept of time value of money, risk and returns.
  • Valuate the different types of securities such as common stocks, preferred stocks and bonds.
  • · Assess the financial viability of capital investment projects by using different capital budgeting techniques.
  • Identify the sources and types of funding available to businesses along with the benefits and costs of each source.
  • Comprehend the tools and techniques used in Cash Budgeting
  • Recognize the basics of Cash, Credits & Receivables Management and recognize some important aspects of Inventory Management.

Course Calendar

Introduction1Handouts1 - 2
Forms of Business Organization2,3Handouts3-9
Financial Markets4Handouts10-14
Financial Statements5Handouts15-19
Financial Statements6Handouts20-24
Quiz # 1
Financial Statements7Handouts25-29
Financial Statements Analysis8Handouts30-35
Financial Statements Analysis9Handouts36-39
Financial Statements Analysis10Handouts40-43
Financial Statements Analysis11Handouts44-47
Time Value of Money12Handouts48-52
GDB (Graded Discussion Board)
Time Value of Money13Handouts53-55
Time Value of Money14Handouts56-61
Time Value of Money15Handouts62-65
Grand Quiz
Capital Budgeting25Handouts99-101
Capital Budgeting26,27Handouts102-110
Capital Budgeting29Handouts113-116
Capital Budgeting30,31Handouts117-124
Weighted Average Cost of Capital36Handouts139 -141
Capital Structure37Handouts142-145
Capital Structure38Handouts146- 150
Quiz # 2
Operating Cycle & Cash Cycle40Handouts157-160
Short-Term Financial Policy41Handouts161-166
Cash Budget41Handouts161-166
Short-Term Borrowing42Handouts167-168
Float & Cash Management42,43Handouts169-173
Credits & Receivables43, 44Handouts169-177
Inventory Management45Handouts178-183
Final Term Examination
*This is a tentetive schedule any change will be intimated via Announcement
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