BNK603 : Consumer Banking

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is the study of the provision of products and services to meet the financial needs of individuals with a steady and verifiable income flow. This course starts with a survey of consumer banking, consumer banking products from deposits, and credit cards to mortgage, auto, house and personal loans, risk assessment related to these loans and followed by an investigation of mobile / internet banking services, customer asset management system; call centers effectiveness, and the real-life case study.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course you will gain:

  • Basic Understanding of Consumer Banking, Banking Business Model
  • Emerging Issues in Consumer Banking
  • The Nature and Importance of Credit Risk- Largest Source of Bank Losses
  • Risk Analysis and Critical Success Factors
  • Understanding of the Concept of Risk Management, How to Use a Variety of Derivative Financial Strategies to Manage Risk. Learn How Hedging Can Positively Affect An Organization’s Risk Exposure
  • Formulation And Implementation of The Risk Management Strategies That Are Consistent With Corporate Goals
  • An opportunity to undertake some additional/complimentary learning which could help them succeed in their work/professional lives, i.e. choosing any occupation/carrier in general or Banking/Finance in particular

Course Calendar

Financial Services Market Within BOP23Handouts130
Reflection Time24Handouts136
Reflection Time (contd..)25Handouts142
SBP Risk Management Guideline26Handouts151
ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)27Handouts159
ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) (contd..)28Handouts166
Quiz No. 3
Risk Appetite29Handouts172
A Structured Approach To Establishing Risk Appetite Statement30Handouts179
ERM at Asian Banks from Challenges to Strategies A Study by Asia Risk Management Institute (ARMI)31Handouts186
ERM at Asian Banks from Challenges to Strategies A Study by Asia Risk Management Institute (ARMI)32Handouts186
GDB No.1
Service Management Breaking the Trade-Off between Efficiency and Service33Handouts198
Service Management Breaking the Trade-Off between Efficiency and Service Cont34Handouts208
Why Bank Customer Experience Matters?35Handouts217
Service Quality / Management36Handouts226
Moment of Truth --- Customer Relationship37Handouts235
Quiz No.4
Housing/Mortgage Finance in Pakistan38Handouts240
Housing/Mortgage Finance in Pakistan39Handouts248
Call Centers Effectiveness40Handouts258
Auto Financing/Leasing in Pakistan41Handouts272
SBP Operational Guidelines for Credit Cards Business in Pakistan42Handouts278
Building Consumer Trust in Retail Payments43Handouts284
Evolving Models of RB Distribution Capitalizing on Changes in Channel Usage44Handouts294
Fit, Focused and Ready to Fight How Banks can get in Shape for the Battle Ahead45Handouts304
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