BNK613 : Islamic Ethics in Business

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course helps the students to develop their behavior to conduct business activities in an ethical ways. The students will be able to learn positive and negative things /acts and their effects. The students will also be able to learn how to conduct a business and a simple activity according to Islam.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course student will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of ethics in Islam
  • Comprehend the relationship of good and bad deeds
  • Understand the difference of Halal and Haram
  • Know about corruption free nations and corrupt nations
  • Understand the importance of ethics not only in business but also in every field of life.

Course Calendar

Ethical theory and Islamic Ethics2PPTs
Islamic ethics3PPTs
Efficiency, innovation and ethics5PPTs
Safety Issues6PPTs
Avoiding obscenity7PPTs
Some ethical issues8PPTs
Organization’s environment9PPTs
Riba and Banking10PPTs
Riba and Banking (Continued)11PPTs
Gambling and Insurance12PPTs
Graded Discussion Board
Gambling and Insurance (Continued)13PPTs
Child labor14PPTs
Honouring Commitment16PPTs
Fulfilling Trust17PPTs
Haram and Halal Products18PPTs
Haram and Halal Products (continued)19PPTs
Religious obligations of employees20PPTs
Issues in marketing and selling21PPTs
Issues in marketing and selling (Continued )22PPTs
Grand assignment
Issues in Finance, Accounting and HRM23PPTs
Issues in Finance, Accounting and HRM (Continued)24PPTs
Corporate social responsibility25PPTs
Corporate social responsibility (Continued)26PPTs
When things go wrong: Whistle Blowing27PPTs
Peculiar issues of some businesses28PPTs
Peculiar issues of some professions29PPTs
Peculiar issues of some professions (Continued )30PPTs
What makes individuals corrupt?31PPTs
What makes individuals corrupt? (continued )32PPTs
What make individual corrupt ? (continued)33PPTs
Common feature of corrupt nations and corrupt free nation34PPTs
Common feature of corrupt nations and corrupt free nation (Continued)35PPTs
Human Rights and Islam36PPTs
Way out of corruption37PPTs
What should the state do?38PPTs
Avoiding Kufr39PPTs
Most corrupt nations40PPTs
Least corruption free nations41PPTs
Stock exchange42PPTs
Approved business conduct in muslim literature43PPTs
Disapproved business conduct in Muslim literature44PPTs
Disapproved business conduct in Muslim literature (Continued )45PPTs
Final Term Examination
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