FIN630 : Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course is designed to provide students a thorough overview of financial markets. Students will be able to understand fundamental and technical analysis and to implement it in practical scenario. It will help to perform economy, market and sector analysis for making wise investment decisions. Students will know how to perform company analysis to support investment decisions. This course will also help in seeking investment opportunities in different portfolios with special reference to the economy of Pakistan. It will also give a complete understanding of bond fundamentals; bond yields and bond prices. This course will also introduce the concepts of future and options.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Utilize the knowledge of the financial markets and the inherent risks and rewards involved in those markets in their business decision-making process.
  • Identify key factors, products and services of the markets.
  • Describe the external factors as macro-economics forces and governmental monetary policy issues that impact the products of the markets and which can seriously affect the risk / rewards relationship within this area.
  • Know how to deal with capital markets, comprehend the emerging developments and analyze the investment alternatives.

Course Calendar

Introduction of Investment1Handouts1-4
Introduction of Market Place2,3Handouts5-23
Common Stock4Handouts24-30
Market Mechanics5Handouts31-39
Fundamental Stock Analysis6,7Handouts40-57
Quiz No. 1
Technical Analysis8Handouts58-63
Technical Analysis9Handouts64-66
Technical Analysis10Handouts65-74
Fundamental Analysis11Handouts75-81
Fundamental Analysis12Handouts82-85
Economy and Market Analysis13Handouts86-89
Graded Discussion Borad (GDB)
Economy and Market Analysis14Handouts90-96
Sector and Industry Analysis15Handouts97-102
Company Analysis16,17,18Handouts103-117
Gathering Investment Information19Handouts118-129
Indirect Investing20,21Handouts130-137
Common Stock: Analysis and Strategy22Handouts138-140
GRAND QUIZ (as a replacement of Mid-term Exam)
Market Efficiency23,24Handouts141-156
Market Indexes25Handouts157-162
Investment Alternatives26Handouts163-169
Bond Fundamentals27,28Handouts170-180
Bond Yields and Prices29,30Handouts181-188
Understanding Risk & Return31,32Handouts189-202
Portfolio Theory33,34Handouts203-211
Portfolio Selection35Handouts212-215
Asset Pricing Model36,37Handouts216-226
Portfolio Management38Handouts227-233
Evaluation of Investment Performance39Handouts234-242
Quiz No. 2
The Role of Derivative Assets40Handouts243-245
Overview of All Lectures45Handouts264-271
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