MGT201 : Financial Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The purpose of this course is to enable you to understand the financial decision making process and to interpret the impact that financial decision will have on value creation. This course, therefore, introduces you to three major decision making areas in financial management - the investment, financing and asset management decisions.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Recognize the contents and uses of financial statements.
  • Explore how key financial ratios are used to assess the financial health of a firm.
  • Recognize how forecasting is used to make financial decisions
  • Understand the language of finance by learning definitions of commonly used financial terms.
  • Evaluate different investment proposal keeping in view the concept of time value of money, risk and returns.
  • Valuate different types of securities such as common stocks, preferred stocks and bonds.
  • Assess the financial viability of capital investment projects.
  • Identify the sources and types of funding available to businesses along with the benefits and costs of each source.
  • Evaluate lease financing of assets
  • Explain Mergers and its types
  • Know how to deal with International Financial Management

Course Calendar

Introduction to Financial Management1Handout1-7
Objectives of financial management, financial assets and financial Markets2Handout8-11
Analysis of Financial Statements3Handout12-18
Time Value of Money4-7Handout19-38
Quiz # 01
Capital budgeting8-12Handout39-62
GDB# 01
Quiz # 02
Risk and return19-22Handout84-97
Mid Term Examination
Risk and return23-26Handout98-111
Quiz # 03
Risk and return Continued27Handout112-119
Introduction to debt, efficient market and cost of capital28Handout120-123
WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)29Handout124-127
Business risk, operating leverage (OL), financial leverage break-even point & ROE30-31Handout128-138
Assignment # 01
Capital structure32Handout139-142
Capital structure33-36Handout143-155
Application of Residual Dividend Model38Handouts159-161
Working capital management39-40Handout162-168
Lease financing41-42Handout169-175
Quiz # 04
Mergers & acquisitions43Handout176-178
International Finance44Handout179-183
Final Review45Handout184-197
Final Tem Examination
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