MGT404 : Managerial Accounting

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Managerial accounting or management accounting is related to use of accounting information for decision making. Here accounting information is used by mangers within the organization/entity for making business decisions and provides support to better equip them in managerial and better control functions. Managerial accounting primarily focuses on forward-looking. Information of management accounting is usually confidential not public

Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Prerequisite of the course of managerial accounting is Cost accounting. Purpose of managerial accounting is planning, controlling and decision making. Different types of costs, process of costing, budgeting emerging issues of mergers & acquisition provide an aid to management in planning and controlling business activities as well as other facets of management which support for decision making. At the end of the course students would be able to:
  • Explain the overview and role of management accounting within an organization.
  • Describe how costs classifications & techniques, different types of budget; capital budgeting etc. help mangers while decision making.

Course Calendar

Module 1: View of Managerial Accounting1Handouts
Module 2: Cost Classification2Handouts
Module 3: Costing Methods3Handouts
Module 4: ABC costing4Handouts
Module 5: Costing Techniques5,6,7Handouts
Graded Activity 1: Quiz No. 1
Module 6: Budgeting8,9,10,11Handouts
Module 7: Standard Costing12,13Handouts
Graded activity 2: GDB
Module 7: Standard Costing14,15,16Handouts
Module 8: Decision Making17,18Handouts
Module 8: Decision Making19Handouts
Module 9: Capital Budgeting20Handouts
Module 9: Capital Budgeting21-22Handouts
Grand Quiz (in lieu of Mid-Term Exam)
Module 9: Capital Budgeting23-25Handouts
Module 10:Responsibility of Accounting26-31Handouts
Module 11:Working Capital Management32-34Handouts
Module 11:Working Capital Management35-39Handouts
Module 12:Emerging issues in Managerial Accounting40-42Handouts
Module 12:Emerging issues in Managerial Accounting43-44Handouts
Module 13:Feasibility Analysis45Handouts
Final Term Exams
Note: Schedule is tentative. Changes may occur
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