MGT604 : Management of Financial Institutions (alt. code=BNK604)

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Management of financial institutions covers the nature and function of bank and non-bank financial intermediaries, the role of government in the financial sector, regulation issues, and the emergence of various financial institutions, markets and instruments. In the latter part of the course, discussion takes place on foreign exchange markets, share markets, and long term saving and the role of managed funds. The endeavor of this course is to maintain an interest in the Pakistani financial market, and how financial institutions, both local and global, influence the allocation of resources and the macro-economy. This course also examines institutions, markets and examples from overseas.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the steps of problem solving and decision making in organizations.
  • Recognize challenges in the achievement of good managerial performance.
  • Describe the different forms of financial institution’s processes and how these manipulate the overall financial market.
  • Critically evaluate how this course conveys an introduction to the Modern management of financial institutions and the decision systems.
  • Discuss how the entire set up of financial institutions revolves around demand and time deposits, cash flow management and investment portfolios besides the regular course, which the financial institution undertakes.
  • Analyze the role of financial institutions and the relationships and with what all it takes to decide in favor or against and to develop awareness about managing the capital expansionary financial systems holdings etc.

Course Calendar

Financial Environment & Role Of Financial Institutions1 , 2Handouts1-9
Central bank3Handouts10
Policy instruments4Handouts13
Balance of trade5Handouts16
State Bank of Pakistan6Handouts19
State Bank of Pakistan7,8Handouts18-28
State Bank of Pakistan9Handouts29-31
State Bank of Pakistan10Handouts30
Quiz No. 1
Major drivers of Financial industry11Handouts32
International Financial Institutions12Handouts35
Pakistan Economic Aid & Debt13Handouts39
Increasing Foreign Direct Investment14Handouts41
Graded Discussion Board
Role Of Commercial Banks15Handouts45
Role Of Commercial Banks16Handouts48-57
Role Of Commercial Banks17,18Handouts48-57
Role Of Commercial Banks19Handouts58-62
Role Of Commercial Banks In Micro Finance Sector20,21Handouts68
Mutual Funds22Handouts71
Mid term Exams
Mutual Funds23,24Handouts77 - 84
Mutual Funds25Handouts85-87
Mutual Funds27Handouts92-95
Mutual Funds28,29,30Handouts96-109
Foreign Exchange & Financial Institutions31Handouts110
Foreign Exchange & Financial Institutions32Handouts115
Leasing Companies33Handouts119
The Leasing Sector in Pakistan and its Role in Capital Investment34Handouts122
Role Of Insurance Companies35, 36Handouts124-137
Financial Crimes40Handouts150
Dfis & Risk Management41Handouts154
Banking Fraud & Misleading Activities42Handouts157
The Collapse Of Enron43Handouts160
Classic Financial Scandals44Handouts163
Final term Schedule will be updated after Mid Term Exams
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