MGT705 : Advanced Cost and Management Accounting

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

A constant challenge facing all managers regardless of the type or profit motivation of the organization is controlling the cost of products and services. This course provides students the opportunity to apply various current cost control techniques, including activity-based management, contribution margin, standard costing, the balanced scorecard, and linear programming to a diverse group of scenarios and short cases in different types of organizations.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • Appreciate the role of cost control in the organizations
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of the key techniques in cost control process
  • Acquire the ability to conduct cost analysis and provide reports on costs for different product or services
  • Apply Quantitative techniques in cost accounting to support decision-making
  • Provide students with a firm foundations for further studies and research in costing

Course Calendar

Introduction of Management Accounting1Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/1st5-25
Cost Terms and Concepts2Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/2nd28-41
Cost Volume Profit model (CVP)3,4Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/8th165-184
Multi-product break-even analysis5Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/8th165-185
Post Module Quiz No. 1
Measuring Relevant Costs And Revenues6Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/9th191-214
Replacement of Equipment7Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/9th191-215
Discontinuation Decisions8,9Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/9th191-216
Activity based costing - ABC10,11,12,13Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/10th221-241
Assignment No.1
Pricing Decisions and Profitability Analysis14,15Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/11th247-266
Pricing Decisions and Profitability Analysis16Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/11th247-266
Stages in the Planning Process17,18,19Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/15th352
Activity Based Budgeting20,21Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/15th371
Mid Term Examination
Zero-based Budgeting22Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/11th375
Alternative Transfer Pricing Methods23Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/20th501-527
Resolving Transfer Pricing Conflicts24Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/20th501-528
International Transfer Pricing25Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/20th501-529
Post Module Quiz No. 2
Strategic cost management (Cont.)26,27,28,29,30,31Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/22nd569
Post Module Quiz No. 3
The Balanced Scorecard32,33,34,35Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/22nd576
Graded Discussion No.1
Application of Quantitative Methods to Management Accounting36Colin Drury (7th Ed.)13th592
Application of Quantitative Methods to Management Accounting (Cont.)37Colin Drury (7th Ed.)13th592
Application of Quantitative Methods to Management Accounting (Cont.)38,39Colin Drury (7th Ed.)13th592
Application of Quantitative Methods to Management Accounting (Cont.)40Colin Drury (7th Ed.)13th592
Application of Linear Programming41,42Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/25th641
Capital Investment Decisions43Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/14th319
Comparison of NPV and IRR44Colin Drury (7th Ed.)/13th301
Business Ethics45
Final Term Examination
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