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BIF402 : Ethical and Legal Issues in Bioinformatics

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course will help students to understand the ethical and legal aspects related to bioinformatics practices, protocols, patents and products. Students will understand general bio ethical and legal issues which has a great concern in this post genomics era. This course will also elaborate the social and economic aspects of bioinformatics.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of course students will have better understandings of following terms:

  • Bioinformatics products, Psychological issues of GMOs
  • Bioinformatics patents, Pricing of bioinformatics product
  • Social context of bioinformatics, General bioethics, biosafety and biosecurity
  • Skilled labor and demand of bioinformatics products

Course Calendar

1Science Ethics and Valuesppt
2Attitudes to scienceppt
3what is ethicsppt
4The development of ethicsppt
5The growth of bioethicsppt
6Bioethics in 21st centuryppt
7Making ethical decisionsppt
9Patient-physician relationshipppt
10Ethics and genetic modificationppt
11Biotechnology and risk factorsppt
12Misuse of Biotechnologyppt
13Ethical issues of GM foodppt
14Risk factors of GM foodppt
15Ethics and animal biotechnologyppt
Assignment # 1
16Human genome projectppt
17Use of Human Genetic Informationppt
18Genetic diagnosisppt
19Genetic screeningppt
20Genetic discriminationppt
21Burden of genetic informationppt
22Gene patents in medical geneticsppt
23Genetic piracyppt
24Ethics of human cloningppt
25Ethics-early human embryoppt
26Therapeutic cloningppt
27Designer babiesppt
28Case study 1ppt
29Case study 2ppt
30Stem cell debateppt
Quiz # 1
31Genetic counsellingppt
36Lab biosaftey level criteriappt
37Biosafety level 1ppt
38Biosafety level 2ppt
39Biosafety level 3ppt
40Biosafety level 4ppt
Mid term Exam
41WHO biosafety collaborating centersppt
42US biosecurity legislationppt
43US biosecurity regulationsppt
44US biosecurity guidanceppt
45Canada biosecurity legislationppt
46Japan biosecurity legislationppt
47Other countries biosecurityppt
48Design biosecurity planppt
49Objectives of lab biosecurityppt
50Biosecurity and bioterrorismppt
Quiz # 2
51International obligationsppt
52Pakistan biosecurity systemppt
53Risk assessmentppt
54Risk assessment methodologyppt
55Risk reductionppt
56Components of biosecurityppt
57Information Securityppt
58Information Security Elementsppt
59National Biosafety Rulesppt
60Application of National Biosafety rulesppt
Graded Discussion Board (GDB)
61Establishment of National Bisafety Committeeppt
62Functions of National Biosafety Comityppt
63Technical Advisory Committeeppt
64Institutional Biosafety Committeeppt
65Prohibition and License Requirementsppt
66Confidential Informationppt
67Risk assessment and Risk Managementppt
68Grant of Licenseppt
69Import/Export of GMOsppt
70Pakistan Bio-safety Measuresppt
71Implementation of National Lawsppt
72Efforts to mitigate Biological threatsppt
73Public participation and Access to informationppt
74International framework on Biosafetyppt
75Scenerio  (A person on life support machine)ppt
76Case study (Sustainable development)ppt
77Case study  (Ethical dilemmas regarding genetic screening)ppt
78Case study  (Gene therapy)ppt
79Case study (Gene patents)ppt
80Case study  (Ethical issues for and against gene patents)ppt
81Case study  (Cloning related ethical issues)ppt
82Case study  (Scientific research)ppt
83Case study  (Misuse of scientific research)ppt
84Case study  (Cloning and eugenic)ppt
85Case study  (Codes of ethical)ppt
86Case study (Priciples of the practice of science)ppt
87Biosafety and biosecurity in cyberneticsppt
88Biosecurity education for the next generation of life scientistsppt
Final Exam
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