CS101 : Introduction to Computing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This is an introductory course in Computer Science designed for beginners. Apart from leading the participants through a whirlwind history of computing, the course also develops a feel for web programming through a series of lectures that help the students develop their own web page. Main objectives of the course are: 1. To build an appreciation for the fundamental concepts in computing 2. To achieve a beginners proficiency in Web page development 3. To become familiar with popular PC productivity software.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to understand:

  • Fundamental concepts of computers
  • Various hardware building blocks
  • Components of operating systems
  • The Internet
  • How to make a simple web page
  • Basic productivity software including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases

Course Calendar

Evolution of Computing2Handouts13-17
The World Wide Web3Handouts18-20
Computer Systems and its Components4Handouts21-26
An inside view of a Personal Computer5Handouts27
Developing and Hosting a Web Page using HTML6Handouts28
Assignment No 1
Binary Numbers and Logic Operations8Handouts30
HTML Lists and Tables9Handouts47-58
Computer Software10Handouts59-64
Operating Systems11Handouts65-68
Interactive Forms12Handouts69-80
Application Software and Graphics13Handouts81-86
Assignment No.2
Word Processing and Desktop Publishing14Handouts87-90
Advance Interactive Forms15Handouts91-98
Introduction to Algorithms16Handouts99-105
Quiz No. 1
Building Blocks of Algorithms17Handouts106-117
JavaScript - Objects, Properties and Methods18Handouts118-128
Programming Languages19Handouts129-132
SW Development Methodology20Handouts133-141
Data types, Variables, Literals and Operators21Handouts142-150
Mid Term Examination
Flow Control and Loops23Handouts158-165
Design Heuristics24Handouts166-169
Web Design for Usability25Handouts170-176
Arrays and its implementation with loops26Handouts177-184
Computer Networks27Handouts185-192
Introduction to the Internet28Handouts193-198
Functions and Variable Scope29Handouts199-208
Internet Services30Handouts209-220
Assignment No. 3
Developing Presentations31Handouts221-225
Event Handling32Handouts226-233
Graphics and Animation33Handouts234-239
Intelligent Systems34Handouts240-244
Mathematical Methods35Handouts245-250
Data Management36Handouts251-258
Graded Discussion Board (GDB)
Database Software37Handouts259-263
String Manipulations38Handouts264-263
Cyber Crimes39Handouts274-278
Social Implications of Computing40Handouts279-283
Images and Animation41Handouts284-293
The Computing Profession42Handouts294-301
Quiz No. 2
The Future of Computing43Handouts302-307
Programming Methodology44Handouts308-315
Review and Wrap-Up45Handouts316-323
Final Examination
This schedule is tentative and subject to change.
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