CS311 : Introduction to Web Services Development

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course is divided into Nineteen modules. First 10 modules are counted as prerequisites which concentrates on basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming and Java. XML, Java Data base connectivity, JAXP, HTTP, SOAP, Servlets, XML DOM, WebServices has been taught in modules from 11 to 19.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe basic and some advance concepts in OOP and Java
  • Describe How Arrays and Classes are important in Programming
  • Discuss about Modifiers and Exception Handling
  • Describe XML and its Components
  • Learn XML DOM and its Importance
  • Learn How JAXP and Servlets Work
  • Learn hands on practical knowledge about JDBC
  • Describe basic and advance concepts in WebServices

Course Calendar

XML1Handout153 to 159
DTD2Handout159 to 164
XML Tree Structure3Handout164 - 167
XML Attributes4Handout167 - 169
XML, XSLT and Xpath5Handout169 - 172
XLink and Xpointer6Handout172 - 174
XML Validator7Handout175 - 176
DTD - XML Building Blocks8Handout177 - 82
DTD Attributes9Handout182 - 190
Assignment No. 1
XML Schema10Handout190 - 192
XML on the Server11Handout192 - 196
XML DOM12Handout197-205
The XML HttpRequest Object13Handout205 - 213
Node Types14Handout213 - 215
Node Properties15Handout215 - 219
Assignment No. 2
DOM - Attribute List16Handout220 - 225
Navigating Nodes17Handout225 - 231
Change the Value of an Attribute18Handout231 - 234
Remove an Attribute by Name19Handout234 - 238
Quiz No. 1
Creating Nodes20Handout238 - 240
Creating CDATA Section Node21Handout240 - 242
Inserting a Node22Handout242 - 244
Mid Term Exam
Introduction to JAXP23Handout246-246
DOM API24Handout247-247
SAX Parser25Handout248-252
Assignment No. 3
JDOM API26Handout253-255
Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)27Handout256-256
JAXB - Basics28Handout257-262
Servlet - Basics29Handout263-267
Servlet - Severlet Life cycle - The init() Method30Handout268-271
Developing First Servlet - Example31Handout272-275
Quiz No. 2
Deploy the application in Tomcat32Handout276-280
How Servlet Works?33Handout281-291
Session Tracking in Servlet34Handout292-292
Cookies in Servlet35Handout293-297
URL Rewriting36Handout298-326
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)37Handout327-332
Example to connect to MySQL database38Handout333-337
GDB (Graded Discussion Board)
Web Services39Handout338-338
Why Web Services?40Handout339-340
Web Services Components Detail41Handout345-347
RESTful Web Services42Handout347-352
Java Web Services43Handout353-353
Java Web Services - Building web services44Handout353-353
Java Web Services - Building RESTful web services45Handout353-354
Final Term Exam
* This is tentative schedule and may be subject to change
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