CS403 : Database Management Systems

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

CS403 offers students an introduction to the design and programming of database systems. In particular, the students will cover the ER (entity-relationship) approach to data modeling, the relational model of database management systems (DBMSs) and the use of query languages such as SQL. They will also cover relational algebra and the use of SQL in a programming environment and briefly touch upon query processing and role of transaction management.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • State the importance of DBMS and explain how DBMS is better than traditional File Processing Systems.
  • Analyze the basic structure of Database and Recognize the different views of the database.
  • Draw and Investigate Data Flow and Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • List Relational Data Models and Relational Algebra Operators
  • Use and Experiment common SQL Statements
  • Explain the terms Transaction Processing and Concurrency Control

Course Calendar

Advantages of DBMS and its User2Handouts17-30
Database Architecture3, 4Handouts31-49
Detailed Diagrams and Database Design5Handouts50-62
Detailed DFD Diagrams6Handouts63-69
Entity-Relationship Data Model7Handouts70-79
Assignment No. 01
Key and its different types8Handouts80-84
Cardinality and Roles in Relationships10Handouts91-99
Extended Entity Relationship Diagram11Handouts100-109
Practice Session of ER Data Model12Handouts110-117
E-R Diagram13Handouts118-123
Logical Database Design14Handouts124-131
Relations Keys15Handouts132-139
Assignment No. 02
Cardinality Constraints16Handouts140-147
Relational Algebra17Handouts148-156
Functional Dependancy & Normalization19Handouts164-168
Quiz No. 01
Normalization Summary21Handouts176-182
Data Volume and Usage Analysis22Handouts183-186
Mid term Examination
Physical Records and Denormalization23Handouts187-190
Partitioning, Replication and Structured Query Language (SQL)24Handouts191-195
Data Types and Rules of the Format25Handouts196-200
Data Definition Language (DDL)26Handouts201-205
Data Manipulation Language27Handouts206-209
Assignment No. 03
Insert and Select Statements28Handouts210-214
Where Clause and Operators (Not, Between, IN, Like)29Handouts215-219
Order By Clause, Having Clause, Functions30Handouts220-225
Application Programs32, 33Handouts238-254
Data Storage Concepts34Handouts255-259
Graded Discussion Board
File Organizations35Handouts260-264
Indexes37, 38Handouts270-279
Quiz No. 02
Views39, 40, 41Handouts280-292
Database Recovery43Handouts302-309
Concurrency Control44Handouts310-317
Final Term Examination
Note: This is tentative schedule and subject to change.
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