CS507 : Information Systems

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course introduces the student to the area of computer-based information system. In this course you will study system types its components, SDLC and different models of SDLC. You will also study design methods, security, virus and threats to information system. In addition to these topics you will also learn risk management and E-commerce.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Recognize the role and use of technology in business systems and operations
  • Explain the types of organizations and their structure
  • Identify and describe organizational structure and business processes within these structures.
  • Apply knowledge in the development of a suitable electronic file storage system for a business
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the process in systems design and development
  • Identify the fundamental principles of e-commerce and its application in business
  • Describe several generic business and personal applications of data communications technology
  • Implement information systems in industry.

Course Calendar

Defining Needs1Handouts1 to 4
Areas Covered2Handouts5 to 6
Organization & Information Requirements3Handouts7 to 9
Unique Attributes of Organization4Handouts10 to 13
Effect of Changes in Environment5Handouts14 to 17
Systems vs. Procedures6Handouts18 to 19
Quiz No. 1
Types of Systems7Handouts20 to 22
What are Systems?8Handouts23 to 28
Infrastructure9Handouts29 to 32
Assignment No. 1
Support Systems10Handouts33 to 36
Data Mart11Handouts37 to 41
CBIS from Functional View Point12Handouts42 to 46
Organizational Structure13Handouts47 to 54
Marketing14Handouts55 to 58
Decision Making15Handouts59 to 62
Assignment No. 2
Phases of decision-making16Handouts63 to 66
Planning for System Development17Handouts67 to 70
Systems Development Life Cycle18Handouts71 to 77
System Design19Handouts78 to 83
Incremental Model20Handouts84 to 87
Spiral Model21Handouts88 to 91
System Analysis22Handouts92 to 95
Mid Term Exam
Benefits of Good System Design23Handouts96 to 99
Symbols used for flow charts24Handouts100 to 107
Rules for DFD’s25Handouts108 to 115
Symbols26Handouts116 to 120
Object Oriented Analysis and Design27Handouts121 to 124
Critical Success Factors (CSF)28Handouts125 to 128
Quiz No. 2
Security of Information System29Handouts129 to 132
Threat Identification30Handouts133 to 136
Control Adjustment31Handouts137 to 138
Assignment No. 3
Unauthorized Intrusion32Handouts139 to 142
Antivirus software33Handouts143 to 145
Types of Controls34Handouts146 to 148
Audit trails and logs35Handouts149 to 151
Risk Management36Handouts152 to 155
Control Analysis37Handouts156 to 158
Risk Management38Handouts159 to 163
Web Security39Handouts164 to 166
Factors Encouraging Internet Attacks40Handouts167 to 171
E-Commerce41Handouts172 to 180
Supply Chain Management42Handouts181 to 184
Enterprise Resource Planning43Handouts185 to 189
ERP & E-commerce44Handouts190 to 194
Importance of ethics in IS45Handouts195 to 201
Final Term Exam
Note: This is tentative schedule and may subject to change
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