CS605 : Software EngineeringII

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The objective of this course is to learn techniques to manage the development of software projects. The success of a software project depends largely on the project management principles and practices used in a software project. This course will provide the basic knowledge and skills to Software Development Process Models, Project Management Concepts, Project Metrics, Software Project Planning, Risk Analysis and Management, Project Schedules and Tracking, Software Quality Assurance, Requirement Engineering Processes and Software Re-engineering.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Choose and implement a software development process models
  • Define the basic concepts and importance of Project Management Concepts
  • Project Tracking and Scheduling
  • Identify the business areas where Project Metrics are required
  • Risks Analysis and Management Strategy
  • Perform Software Configuration Management

Course Calendar

Introduction to Software Engineering1Handout04-13
Software Process2Handout13-15
Software Lifecycle Models3Handout15-19
Incremental Models4Handout19-23
Object-Oriented Lifecycle Models5Handout23-27
Software Project Management Concepts6Handout27-32
The Software Team7Handout32-35
The Project Management8Handout35-37
Software Size Estimation9Handout37-41
Function Point Counting Process10Handout41-46
Quiz No.1
Function Point Counting Process (cont.)11Handout46-65
Software Process and Project Metrics12Handout65-67
Software Quality Factors13Handout67-71
Metrics for specification quality14Handout71-75
Assignment No. 1
Statistical Control Techniques control charts15Handout75-78
Interpreting Measurements16Handout78-80
Software Project Planning17Handout80-84
Risk analysis and management18Handout84-86
Types of Risks19Handout86-89
Assessing Risk Impact20Handout89-92
Quiz No.2
Software Project Scheduling and Monitoring21Handout92-95
Relationship between people and effort22Handout95-99
Mid Term Examinations
Task Network23Handout99-100
Project Tracking25Handout102-104
Error Tracking26Handout104-106
Software Quality Assurance27Handout106-109
Software Reviews28Handout109-112
Formal Technical Reviews29Handout112-114
Statistical Software Quality Assurance30Handout114-117
Assignment No.2
Software Safety31Handout117-118
Poka-Yoke (Mistake-Proofing)32Handout118-119
Software Configuration Management (SCM)33Handout119-122
Product Release Version Numbering System34Handout122-124
Change Control Process35Handout124-127
Requirement Management and CMM36Handout127-132
Measuring Change Activity37Handout132-134
Legacy systems38Handout134-137
Graded Moderated Discussion Board
Environment Assessment39Handout137-140
Forward Engineering40Handout140-141
Business Process Reengineering41Handout141-142
Quiz No. 3
Software Refactoring42Handout142-153
Moving the amount calculation43Handout153-168
Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)44Handout168-172
CMM Overview45Handout172-178
Final Term Examinations
*Note: It is a tentative schedule and may be subject to change
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