CS610 : Computer Network

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course presents an overview of the technology, architecture and software used by systems of network connected computers. The course will cover data transmission, local area network architecture, network protocols, inter-networking, distributed systems, security, and World Wide Web technology. Students will write programs that run concurrently on multiple computers.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Define Computer Networks, name uses of Computer Networks, and list the basic components of a Network system.
  • Describe other pieces of hardware and software which make networks more efficient, faster, more secure, easier to use, able to transmit several simultaneous messages, and able to interconnect with other networks.
  • Explain the basic technical concepts of Computer Networks.
  • Differentiate the various types of network configurations.
  • Describe the circuits that are available for voice and data networks, their transmission speeds (bandwidth), and how they are packaged for commercial use.
  • Discuss the importance of adapting a Computer Network offering to meet the changing and challenging networking needs of organizations.
  • Design networks by using manual or hand calculations.
  • Define the differences between protocols, software, and network architecture.
  • Define the concept of local area networks and describe their use.
  • Describe how a local area network is installed, its topologies and its protocols.
  • Analyze why networks need security and control, what errors might occur, and how to control network errors.

Course Calendar

Introduction1HandsOut/reference books
Motivation and Tools2HandsOut/reference books
Overview of Data Communication3HandsOut/reference books
Packets, Frames and Error Detection4HandsOut/reference books
Byte Stuffing5HandsOut/reference books
Assignment No 1
Shift Operation6HandsOut/reference books
Growth of LAN Technology7HandsOut/reference books
Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA)8HandsOut/reference books
Hardware Addressing9HandsOut/reference books
Frame Type Identification10HandsOut/reference books
Interface Hardware11HandsOut/reference books
LAN Wiring and Physical Topology12HandsOut/reference books
Fiber Modems and Repeaters13HandsOut/reference books
Bridges14HandsOut/reference books
Switches and WAN Technologies15HandsOut/reference books
Assignment No 2
Routing16HandsOut/reference books
Routing Algorithems17HandsOut/reference books
Quiz No.1
Connection-Oriented Networking and ATM18HandsOut/reference books
ATM: Virtual Circuits19HandsOut/reference books
ATM and Network Ownership20HandsOut/reference books
Network Service Paradigm21HandsOut/reference books
Network Performance22HandsOut/reference books
Internetworking: Concepts, Architecture and Protocols23HandsOut/reference books
IP: Internet Protocol Addresses24HandsOut/reference books
Internet Protocol Address Notations25HandsOut/reference books
IP Subneting26HandsOut/reference books
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)27HandsOut/reference books
ARP Message Format28HandsOut/reference books
IP Datagrams and Datagram Forwarding29HandsOut/reference books
IP Encapsulation, Fragmentation and Reassembly30HandsOut/reference books
Assignment No 3
The Future IP (IPv6)31HandsOut/reference books
IPv6 and Error Reporting Mechanism32HandsOut/reference books
Error Reporting Mechanism (ICMP)33HandsOut/reference books
UDP: Datagram Transport Service34HandsOut/reference books
Datagram Format and TCP: Reliable Transport Service (Part-1)35HandsOut/reference books
Datagram Format and TCP: Reliable Transport Service (Part-2)36HandsOut/reference books
Network Address Translation (NAT) (Part-1)37HandsOut/reference books
Network Address Translation (NAT) (Part-2)38HandsOut/reference books
IP Routing (Part-1)39HandsOut/reference books
Quiz No 3
IP Routing (Part-2)40HandsOut/reference books
IP Routing (Part-3)41HandsOut/reference books
IP Routing (Part-4)42HandsOut/reference books
IP Routing (Part-5)43HandsOut/reference books
IP Routing (Part-6)44HandsOut/reference books
Revision45HandsOut/reference books
Final Term Examination
Note: This is tentative schedule and can be changed.
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