CS615 : Software Project Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course gives you the overview about what Software Project Management actually is? What tools and techniques you will use to manage your project? Similarly, risk management, quality assurance activities, and project planning, scheduling activities will also be covered in this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

After reading this course you should be able to:

  • Revising the core concepts of Software Project Management
  • Identifying the essential software development models, problems areas, domain requirements, design, and quality w.r.t management fundamentals concepts
  • Identifying different software processes, initiating the processes and applying planning process task
  • Identifying project planning objectives, tools and techniques for SDP, and elements of SDP
  • Discussion of life cycle models for an organization, traditional structures of business organization, and organizational planning
  • Discussing Estimation concepts, decomposition techniques, and tools
  • Using WBS as a Project Management tool with sample and identifying its major steps
  • Analyzing the core concepts Scheduling and its usage of its tools
  • Discussing fundamental concepts of Risk and Change Management
  • Revising the basic concepts of Quality
  • Using Microsoft Project 2000 tool as practice of making tasks, activities and Gantt charts

Course Calendar

Introduction and Fundamentals1Handouts1-5
Goals of project Management2Handouts6-10
Project Dimensions3Handouts11-20
Cost and Cost Management4Handouts21-36
Quiz # 1
PM’s nine Knowledge Areas5Handouts37-43
Team leader6Handouts44-58
Assignment # 1
SW Development Fundamentals Management Fundamentals7Handouts59-68
Organizational Issues and Project Management8Handouts69-75
Quiz # 2
Managing Processes9Handouts76-79
Project Execution10Handouts80-84
Problems in Software Projects11Handouts85-88
Problems in Software Projects12Handouts89-91
Requirements Management Preview13Handouts92-95
Requirements Management14Handouts96-102
Requirements Management15Handouts103-106
Software Configuration management17Handouts112-117
Quality Assurance Management18Handouts118-121
Quality Assurance Management19Handouts122-127
Initiating Process21Handouts134-137
Planning Process Tasks22Handouts138-141
Mid Term Exam
Tools and Techniques for SDP24Handouts154-156
Elements of SDP25Handouts157-159
Organizational Planning28Handouts202-221
Decomposition Techniques30Handouts226-232
Estimation – Tools31Handouts233-240
Work Breakdown Structure32Handouts241-245
Assignment # 2
WBS- A Mandatory Management Tool33Handouts246-247
WBS- A Mandatory Management Tool34Handouts248-253
Sample WBS35Handouts254-272
WBS- Major Steps36Handouts273-283
Quiz # 2
Scheduling Tools38Handouts290-304
Risk and Change Management39Handouts305-331
Risk Management Process41Handouts338-355
Application Tools43Handouts370-419
Summary of SPM44
Summary of SPM45
Final Term Exam
NOTE: This is tentative schedule and subject to change.
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