CS712 : Distributed DBMS

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Use of distributed systems has become a common practice in today’s computing environment especially with the easy access of the internet. Distributed Database Systems (DDBSs), however, are generally implemented in relatively large organizations and need better understanding of the database and networking concepts. The same two concepts provide the foundation of this course. The emphasis in this course is on the design and management issues of a DDBS and at the same time on the implementation issues. The course starts with the basic definitions of DDBS and related concepts. Then the background concepts of database systems and networking are discussed. After that the major architectures of the DDBSs are discussed followed by design issues of a DDBS. This part of DDBS design concentrates on the fragmentation and its different types. In order to give a better and clearer understanding of the fragmentation, different examples using leading DDBMSs are presented. The second alternative for the implementation of DDBSs is replication, which is discussed with examples. After that, the issues related to DDBS administration are discussed, like, Failure recovery, transaction management and concurrency control. Advanced topics like Parallel Databases, Object Distributed Databases, and Multidatabases are discussed for the interested students something to think and work on. The environment used for demonstration will be Windows-based and Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle will be used as tools.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand major architectures of the DDBSs.
  • Understand design issues of a DDBS.
  • Understand fragmentation and its different types.
  • Understand the concepts of replication.
  • Understand administration issues of DDBS, like failure recovery, transaction management and concurrency control.
  • Develope basic concepts of parallel databases, object distributed databases, and multidatabases.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Distributed Database Systems and History, Distributed Computing, Objectives,Theoretical Aspects1Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Definition of Distributed Database Systems, Compulsory Parts, Main Charcteristics, Objectives, Definition of Distributed DBMS and Decentralized Database2Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Resembling Setups, Reasons for DDBS and Promises of DDBMS3Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Promises of DDBMS (Cont.),Reliablity of DDBS,The Concept and Role of the Transaction in Distributed Computing, Performance Improvement, Complicating Factors4Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Background of RDBMS,Relational Data Model,Keys,Tables,Normalization,Dependencies Structure5Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Normalization (Cont.)6Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Relational Data Languages7Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Derived Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus, Computer Networks8Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
Assignment No. 1
Computer Networks Concepts, DDBMS Architecture9Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), McFadden et al. (2001)
DDBS Architecture, Dimensions, Architectural Alternatives10Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Major DDBS Architectures11Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Global Schema Architecture, Global Data Dictionary, DDB Design, Distribution Design Issues, Fragmentation(Advantages & Disadvantages)12Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Correctness Rules for Fragmentation, Horizontal & Vertical Fragmentation13Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Minterm Predicates14Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
PHF-Minimality of Pr, PHF-COM-MIN Algorithm, DHF Examples15Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
DHF Details, Vertical Fragmentation (VF)16Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Assignment No. 2
Vertical Fragmentation Information Requirements, Clustering Algorithm, Affinity Measure (AM)17Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
VF, Global Affinity Measure (AM), Bond Energy Algorithm (BEA)18Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
VF, Global Affinity Measure (AM), Bond Energy Algorithm (Cont.)19Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
VF, Hybrid Fragmentation, Computed CA, Partitioning Algorithm20Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Fragmentation, Types, Replication, Replication Architecture in SQL Server, Models21Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Setting Up Replication in SQL Server22Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Mid-term Examination
Agents Creation (Snapshot Agent, Distributor Agent)23Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Fragmentation (Practical Work)24Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Reasons for Fragmentation, DHF, Transactional Replication, Merge Replication25Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Transaction Management, Properties of Transaction26Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
ACID Properties, Types of Transaction, Transaction in DDBS27Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Serializability Theory in DDBS28Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Locking Based Concurrency Controller(CC), Time Stamp Ordering Based CC29Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Basic Concept of Query Optimization, QP in Centralized and Distributed DBS30Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), Silberschatz et al. (2001)
Assignment No.3
Query Decomposition and its Phases31Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), Silberschatz et al. (2001)
Final Phase of QD, Data Localization, Reduction of DF32Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), Silberschatz et al. (2001)
Data Localization for Hybrid Fragmentation, Query Optimization33Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Query Optimization (QO), Cetralized QO, QO in Distributed Environment34Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Query Optimization, Semijoin Based Algorithms, Distributed Query Process Algorithms35Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), Silberschatz et al. (2001)
Query Optimization (SDD-1 Algorithm and its Improvements), Overview of Query Processing36Ozsu and Valduriez (1999), Silberschatz et al. (2001)
Parallel Database Systems37Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Parallel Processing Basics38Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Parallel Systems Architecture, PDBS Issues39Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Academic Research Paper
Parallel Data Processing, Parallel Query Optimization40Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Analysis of Parallel Data Processing Approaches, Parallel Query Optimization41Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Object Oriented Databases (Different Situation in Modeling, Object Distribution Design, Architectural Issues)42Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Distributed Object-Oriented Database Systems, Cache Buffer, Object Identifier Management, Distributed Objects Storage and Garbage Collection43Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Transaction Management in Distributed Object-Oriented Database Systems,Database Introperability44Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Database Introperability (Cont.), Ontologies,Structural Heterogeneities, Overview of Course45Ozsu and Valduriez (1999)
Final-term Examination
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