IT430 : E-Commerce

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on the all aspects of online business, like technology, security, e-banking and legal issues. You will be learning about the networks, tools that are used to make online shopping websites, methods used for online payments, technologies used to protect the websites/online data and laws that are related to online shopping. In this course with the help of assignments you will have hands on practice of developing a shopping site. This course combines practical and theory approach to achieve its goals i.e. you will be taught how to use to HTML and Scripting Languages, also you will be studying the payment methods and laws involved in online business.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the principles of E-commerce and basics of World Wide Web.
  • Use markup languages for designing web pages.
  • Interpret the security issues over the web
  • Explain the concept of E-banking
  • Describe what is electronic payment system and how it works

Course Calendar

Introduction to E-commerce1Handouts2-3
Introduction to Networks2Handouts4-10
Networks & Servers3Handouts11-13
Network Devices4Handouts14-17
Basics of HTML5Handouts18-22
Basics of HTML II6Handouts23-27
Text Boxes, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons7Handouts28-30
Frames and Images in HTML8Handouts31-36
Tag Attributes, Sound Files, Animations9Handouts37-40
Style Sheets10Handouts41-47
Style Sheets II11Handouts48-51
Assignment No. 1
Some useful style sheet properties12Handouts52-56
Java Scripting13Handouts57-60
Java Scripting II14Handouts61-68
Java Scripting III15Handouts69-72
Java Scripting and XML16Handouts73-77
Client and Server side processing of Data17Handouts78-81
Quiz No.1
Applets, CGI Scripts18Handouts82-87
Maintaining State in a Stateless System19Handouts88-92
Integration with ERP systems20Handouts93-95
Mid Term Exams
Hash Function And Message Digest23Handouts103-107
Symmetric Key Algorithms24Handouts108-111
Virtual Pin Payment System25Handouts112-115
E-Cash Payment System I26Handouts116-117
E-Cash Payment System II27Handouts118-120
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)28Handouts121-125
Assignment No. 2
E-Business Revenue Models30Handouts130-132
E-Mail Marketing31Handouts133-135
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)32Handouts136-137
Meta Information33Handouts138-139
Data Mining34Handouts140-143
Confidence And Support35Handouts144-146
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)36Handouts147-151
Personal Finance Online37Handouts152-154
Supply Chain38Handouts155-157
Graded Discussion Board (GDB)
Porter’s Model Of Competitive Rivalry39Handouts158-160
Barriers To International E-Commerce40Handouts161-164
Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002 (ETO) I41Handouts165-167
Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002 (ETO) II42Handouts167-170
Quiz No.2
Global Legal Issues Of E-Commerce44Handouts176-180
Global Legal Issues Of E-Commerce45Handouts181-184
Final Term Exam
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