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ENG001 : Elementary English

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course aims at enhancing students’ knowledge of grammatical structures of English language and giving them new insight into words, sentence structure, and essential aspects of nonverbal communication. The course has been devised with the objectives to teach students practical writing skills as a means of communication by focusing on the grammatical basics of the language. It consists of six modules which are further divided into thirty lectures, along with exercises for additional practice. The difficulty level of the course increases gradually and enables the students to transfer their thoughts on paper so they may become persuasive, clear, and concise in their writings.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course , you would be able to:

  • State and apply the seven principles of clear writing.
  • Recognize and analyze basic parts of speech and craft effective sentences in English language
  • Identify and explain basic clause patterns.
  • Understand and apply common English language writing styles
  • Review the written documents for any grammatical problems

Course Calendar

Introduction To Journalistic Writing1Handouts2-5
Qualities of Good Writers2Handouts6
Qualities of Good Writers3Handouts8
Qualities of Good Writing4Handouts10
Qualities of Good Writing II5Handouts15-16
Quiz No.1 (Lectures 1-5 )
The Process of Writing6Handouts17-20
The Process of Writing II7Handouts21-24
All About Words8Handouts25-33
Dictionary-A Writer’s Language Tool9Handouts34-36
Parts of Speech10Handouts37-43
Basic Clause Patterns11Handouts44-45
Active and Passive Voice12Handouts46-49
Modifiers and Sentence Types13Handouts50-53
Reported Speech14Handouts54-56
Grammatical Sentence – issues15Handouts57-60
Major/ Grand Quiz( Lectures 6-15: 60 MCQs+60 Minutes)
Grammatical Sentence – issues II16Handouts61-63
Effective Sentence17Handouts64-66
Style: Guideline And Pitfalls I18Handouts67-69
Style: Guideline And Pitfalls II19Handouts70-73
Paragraph Writing: Types And Techniques20Handouts74-76
Paragraph Writing: Types And Techniques21Handouts77-80
Essay Writing22Handouts81-86
Signal Words23Handouts87-94
Assignment ( Lectures 16-23)
Expository Writing24Handouts95-101
The Writing Styles25Handouts102-103
The Writing Styles II26Handouts104-114
Research Writing and Documenting Sources27Handouts115-119
Summary and Précis Writing28Handouts120-125
Post Mid-Quiz ( Lectures 24-28)
Final Examination
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