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ENG510 : Sociolinguistics

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Language is a fundamental aspect of our life. As an individual, we learn how to use a language within a culture and society and what content to communicate. In this context, this course ‘Sociolinguistics’ provides a comprehensive guide to sociolinguistics and the sociology of language. The subject aims to enable the students to explore the core components of sociolinguistics including language and ideology, speech communities, language varieties, significance and scope of teaching of sociolinguistics and scope of research in sociolinguistics. The content of this course includes a detailed introduction to sociolinguistics and varieties of language, speech communities, language and dialect, sociolinguistic codes and bilingualism, language and ideology, thought and culture, diglossia, media and sociolinguistics, code switching and code mixing in Pakistan, language practices and sociolinguistic scene of Pakistan, language planning in Pakistan and teaching and research in sociolinguistics.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • understand the scope of sociolinguistics within linguistics.
  • comprehend what type of social constraints impact language contact.
  • differentiate between ideology, thought, culture, diglossia and dialect.
  • define a standard language , creole & pidgin.
  • get insight into the wave model & family tree model.
  • know the status of language and dialect in Pakistan, Africa, Europe & Papua New Guinea.
  • distinguish about various aspects of linguistic communication from sociolinguistic perspective.
  • link the power of print, electronic and global media and language choices.
  • see the national language of Pakistan from sociolinguistics perspective and the status of other local languages.
  • realize the scope of research in sociolinguistics.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Topics 1 to 5)1Handouts
Sociolinguistic Phenomena (Topics 6 to 10)2Handouts
Sociolinguistics and Varieties of Language (Topics 11 to 15)3Handouts
Speech Communities (Topics 16 to 20)4Handouts
Language Contact and Variation- I (Topics 21 to 25)5Handouts
Language Contact and Variation- II (Topics 26 to 30)6Handouts
Some Concepts Related to Language Varieties (Topics 31 to 35)7Handouts
Language and Dialects – I (Topics 36 to 40)8Handouts
Language and Dialects – II (Topics 41 to 45)9Handouts
Quiz No. 1
Some Theoretical Work in Sociolinguistics (Topics 46 to 50)10Handouts
Register and Sociolinguistics-I (Topics 51 to 55)11Handouts
Register and Sociolinguistics-II (Topics 56 to 60)12Handouts
Sociolinguistic Codes and Bilingualism (Topics 61 to 65)13Handouts
Sociolinguistics and Use of Codes (Topics 66 to 70)14Handouts
Social Correlates and Sociolinguistics (Topics 71 to 75)15Handouts
Socio-Psychological Factors and Sociolinguistics (Topics 76 to 80)16Handouts
Socio-political Factors and Sociolinguistics (Topics 81 to 85)17Handouts
Language and Ideology: Examples from the World (Topics 86 to 90)18Handouts
Terms Related to Language Change – I (Topics 91 to 95)19Handouts
Terms Related to Language Change– II (Topics 96 to 100)20Handouts
Grand Quiz
Language and Communication: A Sociolinguistic Perspective (Topics 101 to 105)21Handouts
Speech and Social Interaction (Topics 106 to 110)22Handouts
Language, Thought and Culture (Topics 111 to 115)23Handouts
Non- Standard Language (Topics 116 to 120)24Handouts
Diglossia (Topics 121 to 125)25Handouts
Media and Sociolinguistics (Topics 126 to 130)26Handouts
Social Media and Sociolinguistics (Topics 131 to 135)27Handouts
Social Media and Writing Practices (Topics 136 to 140)28Handouts
Sociolinguistic Aspects of English Language (Topics 141 to 145)29Handouts
Sociolinguistic Aspects of Language in Pakistan-I (Topics 146 to 150)30Handouts
Sociolinguistic Aspects of Language in Pakistan- II (Topics 151 to 155)31Handouts
Sociolinguistic Aspects of Language in Pakistan- III (Topics 156 to 160)32Handouts
Language Change in Pakistan (Topics 161 to 165)33Handouts
Code Switching and Code Mixing in Pakistan (Topics 166 to 170)34Handouts
Code Switching and Code Mixing in Pakistan (Topics 171 to 175)35Handouts
Language Practices and Sociolinguistic Scene of Pakistan- I (Topics 176 to 180)36Handouts
Language Practices and Sociolinguistic Scene of Pakistan- II (Topics 181 to 185)37Handouts
Quiz No. 2
Language Planning in Pakistan (Topics 186 to 190)38Handouts
Language Acquisition and Sociolinguistics (Topics 191 to 195)39Handouts
Teaching and Research in Sociolinguistics (Topics 196 to 200)40Handouts
Final Term Exam
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