EDU403 : Art, Crafts and Calligraphy

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The Art, Crafts, and Calligraphy course will help prepare Student Teachers to teach these subjects in the elementary grades. It provides Student Teachers with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of art, crafts, and calligraphy (with a focus on Pakistani artists, calligraphers, and craftsmen and women) and to practice making their own works using a variety of techniques.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • enhance the importance of art education in child development;
  • recognize and make their students recognize and appreciate the artists, art styles and work;
  • learn a variety of making art;
  • Discus links between art, craft and calligraphy and other subjects;
  • understand the origin and development of art and crafts in Pakistan.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Art (Topics 1-5)1Handout
Art Definition, Classification and Elements (Topics 6-9)2Handout
Elements of art shape and form With Demonstration (Topic 10)3Handout
Elements of art space topic 11)4Handout
Elements of art value and texture (Topic 12)5Handout
Elements of art color ( Topic 13)6Handout
Principles of design balance (Topic 14)7Handout
Principles of design contrast (Topic 15)8Handout
Principles of design emphasis (Topic 169Handout
Quiz No. IHandout
17. Principles of design harmony10Handout
18. Principles of design unity11Handout
Principles of design proportion and scale(Topic 19)12Handout
Principles of design rhythm and movement (Topic 20)13Handout
Assignment No. 1
Fine arts drawing (Topic 21)14Handout
Fine arts painting (Topic 22)15Handout
Fine arts mural and miniature (Topic 23)16Handout
Fine Arts, Sculpture, Printmaking, Architecture and interior design (Topics 24-28)17Handout
Applied Arts and Cligraphy ( Topics 29-33)18Handout
Mid Term ExamHandout
Calligraphy Demonstrations (Topic 34)19Handout
Multimedia Arts, Performing arts and evaluation of arts ( Topics 35-39)20Handout
Evaluation of Arts Interpretation and judgement ( Topics 40-43)21Handout
Evaluation theory 1,3 and teaching Art ( Topics 44-50)22Handout
Expression and Form in arts and principles of teaching ( Topics 51-57)23Handout
Introduction and categories of movements, Stone age Arts ( Topics 58-60)24Handout
Mesopotamian Art, Egyption Art, classicism, Byzantine Art (Topics 61-64)25Handout
Islamic Art ( Topics 65-67)26Handout
Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo ( Topics 68-72)27Handout
Quiz no. IIHandout
Neo Classicism, Romanticism, Realism ( Topics 73-75)28Handout
Impressionism ( Topics 76)29Handout
Symbolism, Fauvism, Pointillism & Expressionism (Topics 77-79)30Handout
Cubism (Topic 80)31Handout
Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism With Demonstration (Topic 81-83)32Handout
Modernism and post Modernism and Crux of the Course (Topics 84-85)33Handout
Drawing Practice-Basic techniques Demonstration (Topics 86-87)34Handout
Drawing Practice –Kitten and parrot (Topics 88-89)35Handout
Assignment No. 2
Drawing Practice, owl, Rabbit and Mouse demonstration (Topics 90-92)36Handout
Drawing practice Face Parts and flowers (Topics 93-94)37Handout
Craft for Kids-Butterfly Demonstration (Topics 95-9638Handout
Crafts for Kids Boys and Girls Demonsteration (Topics 97-98)39Handout
Clay Modeling- Flower (Topic 99)40Handout
Clay Modeling- Animal (Topic 100)41Handout
Clay modeling (Topic 101)42Handout
Final Term Exams
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