EDU431 : Test Development & Evaluation

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Teaching requires assessment i.e., the evaluation of student understanding in light of the goals of a lesson or a course.. This course is designed to equip the students with the understanding of test development and assessment In this course, students will learn how to design assessments that are carefully aligned with educational objectives. This course will also include hands on activities to guide the creation, revision and use of quality assessment rubrics and coding schemes that work with the assessments of your design

Course Learning Outcomes

The course introduces broad concepts, theories and practices in test development and assessment in education

  • Define, discuss and critique the application and implications of various classroom assessment and evaluation procedures
  • Describe and critique a variety of methods and means for reporting student achievement.
  • Students will be able to develop table of specification
  • Students will be able to perform Item Analysis

Course Calendar

Lecture 1 Concept of Assessment (topic 1 to 6)1
Lecture 2 Assessment, Testing and National Curriculum (topic 7 to 9)2
Lecture 3 Taxonomies of Educational Objectives and Assessment3
Lecture 4 Purpose of Testing4
Quiz no. 1
Lecture 5 Table of Specification5
Lecture 6 Selection of Test6
Assignment No 1
Lecture 7 Characteristics of Good Test7
Lecture 8 Type of Asstssment Tool8
Mid- Term Exam
Lecture 9 Creating Fixed-choice test items9
Lecture 10 Creating constructed response test items10
Lecture 11 Creating extended response test items11
Assignment No 2
Lecture 12 Analyzing the Test12
Lecture 13 Administering test13
Lecture 14 Scoring test14
Quiz No. 3
Lecture 15 Standardized Test15
Lecture 16 High Stake testing and issues16
Final Term Exam
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