EDU505 : Education Development in Pakistan

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Educational development in Pakistan is a subject that must be taught and understood in the perspective of its post-colonial, historical perspective. This course highlights education and its significance to the particular area of the subcontinent. Educational reforms, their implementation, and their success or failure is based upon this perspective of education that the native students, teachers and policy makers possess that has been refined over the years.

Course Learning Outcomes

The objectives of this course are:

  • to provide an insight to the students on what education really means to people in post-colonial countries in general and to the Pakistani people specifically.

Course Calendar

Defining Education (Topics 1 to 6)1
Aims of Education (Topics 7 to 12)2
Different Aims of Education (Topics 13 to 24)3
Functions of Education (Topics 25 to 30)4
The Education Process (Topics 31 to 38)5
Education Under Colonial Rule (Topics 39 to 44)6
Education and Cultural Change (Topics 45 to 56)7
Education and Nation Building 1 (Topics 57 to 62)8
Education and Nation Building 2 (Topics 63 to 68)9
Quiz No. I
Education & Development (Topics 69 to 74)10
History of Education in Pakistan (Topics 75 to 80)11
History of Reform Policies (Topics 81 to 86)12
Kinds of Institutions 1 (Topics 90 to 95)13
Assignment No 1
Kinds of Institutions 2 (Topics 96 to 101)14
Higher Education (Topics 102 to 105)15
Quality of Education (Topics 106 to 112)16
Challenges of Education in Punjab (Topics113 to 118)17
State of Education (Topics119 to 124)18
Quiz No. 2
Educational Vision (Topics125 to 131)19
Implementation (Topics132 to 137)20
Interventions (Topics138 to 143)21
Educational Outcomes (Topics144 to 149)22
Mid- Term Exam
Challenges of Education in Sindh (Topics150 to 155)23
State of Education in Sindh 1 (Topics156 to 162)24
State of Education in Sindh 2 (Topics163 to 170)25
Policy Framework & Priorities (Topics171 to 177)26
Governance and Accountability (Topics178 to 183)27
Educational Outcomes (Topics184 to 190)28
Assignment No 2
Challenges of Education in Baluchistan (Topics191 to 196)29
Structure of Education System (Topics197 to 202)30
Quality and Relevance in Education (Topics203 to 211)31
Access and Equity (Topics212 to 217)32
Quiz no. III
Higher Education (Topics218 to 223)33
Governance and Management(Topics224 to 229)34
Challenges of Education in KPK (Topics231 to 235)35
Organizational Stetup(Topics236 to 241)36
Enhancement of Enrollments (Topics243 to 248)37
Improving Quality (Topics249 to 254)38
Quiz no.IV
Higher Education Department (Topics255 to 261)39
Impact of 18th Amendment(Topics262 to 267)40
Modernization Theory (Topics268 to 273)41
Dependency Theory (Topics274 to 279)42
Human Capital Approach (Topics280 to 285)43
Education & Functionalism (Topics 286 to 291)44
Social Reproduction (Topics292 to 299)45
Final Term Exam
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