ISL201 : Islamic Studies

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on the basic believes of Islam, importance of obedience of God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), highlights the Islamic social values. Students will learn how to live their lives according the teachings of Islam. This course will also help the students in knowing what intentions one should have while seeking knowledge and depicts achievements of the Muslims in different fields of science. Students will also be able to develop in themselves qualities of honesty, brotherhood and forgiveness.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of Aqeeda in daily life.
  • Explore how to treat others with good manners
  • Appraise the greatest Seerah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and its value and dignity.
  • Discuss the great achievements of the Muslims in different fields of science.
  • Assess our present status as compare to our fore fathers and identify the sources of our disintegration in the today’s world.
  • Prepare to get success in both life and life hereafter.
  • Differentiate between virtue and sin
  • Explore the ways to gratify Allah.

Course Calendar

Faith1Handouts1 To 6
Taqwa2Handouts7 To 10
Obedience of God3Handouts11 To 13
Obedience of Prophet & Executive Authority4Handouts15-20
Sincerity (IKHLAAS5Handouts21-23
Assignment No. 1
Morality of the Prophet (S.A.W)6Handouts24-29
Quiz No.1
Practical Law (Ibadat)7Handouts30-33
Islamic Practices8Handouts34-40
Mid Term (Quiz/MCQs based)
Knowledge and its Islamic concept9Handouts41-47
Knowledge and its Islamic concept10Handouts48-56
The Islamic social system11Handouts57-67
Quiz No. 2
The manners of meeting and talking12Handouts68-74
Respect of parents13Handouts75 - 86
Honesty and Obligation15Handouts96-105
Final term exam
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