PAK302 : Pakistan Studies

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course will deal with the political background of Pakistan in its historical perspectives throwing lights on the country’s national movement process and the formation of the new nation in the Subcontinent. It will also examine the political dynamics and institutions of Pakistan with a developmental approach of its political system.

Course Learning Outcomes

During the course among other things, students will:

  • Learn the process of the foundation of Pakistan
  • Examine the struggle for the freedom movement
  • Understand the ideological, socio-political and economic foundations of the country
  • Develop knowledge of foundations of Pakistan and its political institutional framework and functional performance
  • Learn about the ups and downs Pakistan has passed through in her search of democracy.

Course Calendar

1 People in India (A Historical Perspective)
2 Geography and Culture

3 Economic Foundations
4 Ideological Foundations

5 Making of Pakistan: Movement for freedom
Quiz No.01
6 Ideological Movement

7 Historical Movement
8 Political Movement
Assignment No.01

9 Constitutional Movement
10 Role of Leadership
Quiz No.02

11 Shah Waliullah, Shah Abdul Aziz, Sayyied Ahmad Shaheed
12 Sir Aga Khan III, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar (Khilafat Movement)

13 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Aligarh Movement
14 Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

15 Lahore Resolution, 1940 and Aftermath
Mid Term
16 Foundation of National State of Pakistan

17 Infant Nation (Crisis and Survival)
18 The First Republic, 1956

19 The First Military Regime and the Second Republic 1958-69
20 The Second Military Regime and After (1969-1971)
Quiz No.03

21 Secession of East Pakistan, Formation of Bangladesh

22 Advent of Z.A. Bhutto
Assignment No.02
23 The Third Republic: The Constitution of 1973

24 Socio-Political and Economic Change under Z.A. Bhutto
25 The Third Military Regime, 1977
Quiz No.04

26 Islamization in Pakistan
27 Advent of Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif for two Years each from 1989-99