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PSC401 : Public International Law

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is planned to help you in the understanding of the international law. International law is mainly concerned with the regulations of relations between the nations. The focus will be on different issues of the world like United Nations, clashes in the Middle East, poverty alleviation, global warming and the utilization of nuclear arms. This course has been designed to build perceptive of the students and inform them that International Law is not a stagnant object; it remains a matter of debate because of continuing changes in the international law. Moreover the students will come to know the legal background and functions of the law, sources of law and policies leading international arbitral events and arbitral jurisdiction. It will also throw light on different issues concerning the international law.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the critical understanding of the international law, regulations for international disputes and ability to make sound judgments on these disputes.
  • Assess the association between international law and social and economic reality.
  • Critically evaluate the role of international law in particular disputes
  • Explain and report the differences among international law and domestic law

Course Calendar

Introduction to International Law1Handouts1
Whether International Law is a Law or Not?2Handouts3
Subjects of Inernational Law3Handouts5
Sources of International Law4Handouts7
Sources of International Law (II)5Handouts9
International Law and Municipal Law6Handouts11
Law of Treaties7Handouts13
Quiz 01
Immunity from Jurisdiction9Handouts17
Assignment 01 (Non-Graded)
State Succession12Handouts23
Law of the Sea13Handouts26
Quiz 02
Air Space and Outer Space14Handouts28
Human Rights15Handouts31
Nuclear Law - Major Treaties16Handouts34
GDB 01
Nuclear law - NPT & IAEA17Handouts37
International Law on Terrorism18Handouts39
International Law on Terrorism (II)19Handouts39
Quiz 03
Law of Refugees20Handouts42
Use of Force and UN Charter21Handouts44
Use of Force (Unlawful)22Handouts46
Midterm Exams
International Humanitarian Law23Handouts48
International Criminal Court24Handouts50
State Responsibility25Handouts52
Pacific Settlement of Disputes26Handouts54
International Law on Siachen Issue27Handouts56
International Law on Sir Creek Issue28Handouts58
International Law on Kashmir Dispute29Handouts60
International Law and Issue of Non State Actors30Handouts63
International Criminal Law31Handouts66
International Law of the Sea and Pakistan32Handouts68
International Humanitarian Law and Pakistan33Handouts70
International Court of Justice Decisions34Handouts72
Legal Aspects of the Atlantic Case35Handouts74
International Court of Justice and the Leading Judgments36Handouts76
Islamic Concept of Intermational Law37Handouts78
International Trade Laws38Handouts79
Concept of Implementing Legislation39Handouts81
International law of Money Laundering40Handouts83
Working of Selected United Nations Bodies41Handouts85
Case of a Multi-Lateral Treaty42Handouts86
Treaty Negotiations43Handouts88
Future International Law Challenges44Handouts89
Conclusion and Overview45Handouts91
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