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MGMT629 : Crisis Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Crisis and difficulties are indispensable part of human life at both individual and collective level. The prime purpose of this course is to introduce different processes by which organization deals with major crises or any uncertain events that can harm the organization. This course is designed with prime focus to equip MBA students with different crisis faced at individual and collective level; like different types and causes of crisis, how to deal with those crises and how research is an important element in dealing with such crisis. This course will enrich student’s knowledge in different techniques and abilities to identify the crisis well in time.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course will provide the following to the students:

  • Skills in defining and analyzing the crisis
  • Crisis Management techniques
  • How to tackle different uncertain situations
  • Understand the importance of research in crisis management
  • Learn different real time crises prevails in past and present

Course Calendar

Crises-Definitions & Dimensions2Handout7-8
Difference between conflict and crisis3Handout9-11
Levels, Types & causes of Crisis4Handout12-15
Causes of crisis5Handout15-16
Concept/Types of systems6Handout17-19
Types of System7Handout20-21
Quiz # 01
Assignment # 01
Decision making process12Handout34-36
What affects the decision making?13Handout37-41
What is research15Handout43-44
Sequence of Research16Handout44
Classification of Research17Handout54
Classification of Research18Handout54
Qualitative and Quantitative [Research/Approaches]19Handout53
Guidelines for classification of Research20Handout55
Types of research by motives & subject matter21Handout54
Research by subject matter22Handout55
Mid Term
Research by subject matter Cont…123Handout55
Research by subject matter Cont…124Handout55
Specific characteristics of Research25Handout43
Essential features of good Research work26Handout56
Historical Research27Handout45
Purposes and steps of historical research28Handout45
Quiz # 03
Historical Research29Handout47
Historical Research30Handout47
Qualities of a good researcher-Moral qualities31Handout57
Qualities of a good researcher-Moral qualities32Handout57
Graded Discussion Board # 01
Qualities of good crisis manager-Education/Intellactual qualities33Handout57
Basis of decision making during crises34Handout58
Basis of decision making during crises35Handout58
Nature and kinds of crisis in general36Handout61
Features of an effective crisis management organization37Handout63
Suggested model for crisis management -National level38Handout64
Suggested model for crisis management -Provincial/District levels39Handout64
Establishment of control room40Handout64-65
Quiz # 04
Crisis mangement at all levels of the organization41Handout65
Suggestion for different levels42Handout66-69
Cuban Crisis (A case study)43Handout70-76
The ideal Crisis Manager44Handout77-81
Final Term
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