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MGT111 : Introduction to Public Administration

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

It is an introductory course on Public Administration. This course is designed as a broad introduction to Public Administration. The contents of the course include historical ideas & concepts, perspectives and intellectual frameworks that are fundamental to understanding Public Administration. This course will prepare the students (and is a prerequisites for) more advanced course in public administration like Organizational Development, Crises Management, Educational and Health Management and Public Finance. Since this course is a knowledge based course and theoretical in contents, students after the completion of the course will understand the functioning of government and the functioning of public organizations.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand basics of public administration and its importance.
  • Learn different approaches to study of public administration.
  • Explain the role and function of government and public manager.
  • Recognize the structure of government.
  • Appreciate the skills required by the public manager in imparting duties.
  • Discuss the difference between public and business management.
  • Critically evaluate the decision making process and implications of such decisions on the daily lives of common people.

Course Calendar

Evolution of Public Administration2Handouts5-8
Classical School of Thought3,4Handouts9-16
Human Relations School5Handouts17-21
Power & Politics6Handouts22-24
History of Public Administration7Handouts25-27
Quiz No. 1
History of Public Administration-II8Handouts28-29
Civil Services9Handouts30-32
Civil Services Reforms10Handouts33-36
1973 Constitution of Pakistan11Handouts37-41
Structure of Government12Handouts42-46
Public & Private Administration13Handouts47-49
Power & Authority16Handouts59-62
Delegation of Authority17Handouts63-64
Planning Commission & Planning Development20Handouts73-75
Decision Making21Handouts76-79
Human Resource Management22Handouts80-82
Grand Quiz
Selection Process & Training23Handouts83-86
Performance Appraisal24Handouts87-90
Selection & Training in Public Organizations25Handouts91-93
Public Finance26Handouts94-96
Public Budget28Handouts101-104
National Finance Commission29Handouts105-107
Administrative Control30Handouts108-110
Motivation & Leadership33,34Handouts118-125
Communication I37Handouts132-134
Communication II38Handouts135-138
Quiz No 2
District Administration39Handouts139-141
Devolution Plan40Handouts142-144
Devolution Plan41Handouts145-147
Political Reforms42Handouts148-152
New Public Management43Handouts153-155
Managerial Program Agenda44,45Handouts156-159
Final Term Exams
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