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MGT613 : Production / Operations Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Production and Operations Management also called POMA is a core course in a typical graduate as well as an undergraduate Business Administration Program. It will give you an introduction to the functional area of production and operations management as practiced in manufacturing industries and the services sector. It includes decision-making, project management, facility layout in manufacturing and services industries, waiting lines, quality control, just-in-time systems, forecasting, aggregate planning, inventory management, materials requirements planning (MRP), and operations scheduling.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Recognize and debate the importance of operations management in organizations.
  • Explain the relevance of the key functional areas of a business to the operations function.
  • Analyze and explain the various elements of decision models in operations management.
  • Introduce the value of capacity planning in operations management.
  • Recognize the role of inventory management in operations management.
  • Apply the key concepts of supply chain management and project management.

Course Calendar

Introduction to production/operations Management1,2Handouts1-8
Competitiveness, Strategy and productivity3Handouts9-13
Distinctive competencies4Handouts14-18
Quiz No.1
The Decision Process6Handouts24-30
Forecasting I7Handouts31-33
Forecasting II8Handouts34-36
Forecasting III9Handouts37-38
Forecasting IV10Handouts39-43
Product and Service Design I11Handouts44-47
Graded Discussion Board
Product and Service Design II12Handouts48-50
Product and Service Design III13Handouts51-56
Capacity Planning15,16,17Handouts64-75
Process Selection18Handouts76-78
Facilities Layouts19, 20Handouts79-85
Design of Work Systems21Handouts86-92
Location Planning and Analysis22Handouts93-99
Grand Quiz (In lieu of Midterm Exam)
Management of Quality23Handouts100-103
Service Quality24Handouts104-108
Total Quality Management25,26Handouts109-115
Quality Control & Quality Assurance, Acceptance Sampling27,28Handouts116-125
Aggregate Planning29,30Handouts126-134
Inventory Management31,32,33Handouts135-147
MRP / ERP34,35Handouts148-155
Just in Time Production Systems36,37,38Handouts156-165
Supply Chain Management39,40Handouts166-171
Quiz No.2 (With Lesson No.35)
Project Management43,44Handouts184-200
Waiting Lines45Handouts201-209
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