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MGT703 : Strategic Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This is an advanced level MS course of Strategic Management (MGT 703). The course is based on short video lectures of each topic which have been primarily recorded from the reference book of “Strategy Safari-A Guided Tour through the Wilds of Strategic Management” which is available in the download section of course LMS. There are total of 11 modules in this course. The design, planning and positioning schools of strategic management are called prescriptive schools as they prescribe how the strategy should be made in the deliberate manner by the top management and specialist planners. Other schools of thought are entrepreneurial school, cognitive school, learning school, power school, culture school, environmental school and configurational school of strategic management. These schools are called descriptive schools as they primarily descriptive how the strategy can be made with the emerging needs of the external environment while also considering the internal organizational realities. The course activities including assignments and GDBs are often based on latest research papers from high impact factors journals in the domain of strategic management. Quizzes are also the part of course activities. In midterm and final exams, you will have to answer only the descriptive questions of 5 marks each and those questions would be of applied nature. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the course teachers through live interactive sessions before the midterm and after the midterm exam. For any query, you can always send us MDB in LMS or an email on the course email address which is: mgt703@vu.edu.pk

Course Learning Outcomes

Following are the desired learning outcomes of this course,

  • Students will be able to grasp the viewpoints of different researchers belonging to different schools of thought in the field
  • Students will be able to identify research and interest areas after having holistic view of different schools

Course Calendar

Course Calender Strategic Management (MGT 703) Spring 2020
TopicsSession typeModule
Module 1 Strategic Management an overviewVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions1
Module 2 The Design schoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions2
Module 3 The planning SchoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions3
Graded Discussion Board (GDB) No. 1
Module 4 The Positioning SchoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions4
Module 5 The Entrepreneurial SchoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions5
Grand Quiz
Module 6 The cognitive schoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions6
Assignment No. 1
Module 7 The learning schoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions7
Module 8 The power schoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions8
Graded Discussion Board (GDB) No. 2
Module 9 The culture schoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions9
Module 10 The environment schoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions10
Module 11 The configration schoolVideo lectures/lnteractive sessions11
Final Term Exams
Note: This is a tentative schedule. You may send your conceptual questions through Moderated Discussion Board (MDB) and other course related questions on subjects'' email address.
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