MCD403 : Music Production

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The program is designed to rediscover and reconstruct the connection among a meaningful theory and practice of music for TV production. The TV production and music become a cohesive whole, giving growth to a dynamic process of creativity. The course also aims to produce music of the future TV production, based on critical understanding and with the determination of producing a rekindling of our music as a significant tool, in shaping and emerging the sensitivities of our publics in 21st century.

Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

  • The informed students, encouraged with obligation, will be able to set the values of good music, which generates an influential and an inspiring emotional state in TV Productions.
  • Will lead to a qualitative growth and expansion of the expressive and psychological world of our people and also allow them to lay strategies for musicians and listeners of our new cohort.
  • Music production in TV will be raised from the levels of pointless apathy or spontaneous reproduction.

Course Calendar

1 The Role of TV Producer
2 Process of Music Production
3 Viewers Feedback
4 The Making of Music program
5 Circle of Influence and Concern of a Music Producer
6 Budgets of a Program
7 Grammar of Television-Introduction
8 Action and Angle of Acceptance
9 Avoid Shots and Boom
10 Cameraman and closeup shot
Quiz No.1
11 Contemporary angles & control gallery
12 Cutting the subject & depth of field
13 Dialogue
14 Dissolve mix
15 Eye line
16 Facial expression and tips about grammar
17 Human eye and zoom
18 Imaginary line and jump shots
19 Live transmission
20 Long shots/establishing shots
21 Moving camera
22 Music and sound
23 Narrow angles
24 Never cut
25 The point of obstruction
Assignment 1
26 Off screen and onscreen
27 Camera movements and zooming
28 History of Music 1
29 History of Music II
30 Introduction, evolution & aesthetic of music
Quiz No.2
31 Music and musical programmes
32 Classification of Music
33 Classical/Semi-Classical Music
34 Classical music
35 Folk Music (Origin)
36 Other types of music
37 National Songs
38 Music of the day
Mid-Semester Exams
39 Music as a science
40 Music appreciation
41 Musicology
42 Music in Pakistan
43 Music Composer
44 Selection of Poetry
45 Selection of singer
Quiz No.3
46 Selection of musician
47 Music composition I
48 Music composition II
49 Music composition III
50 Musical Instruments
51 Music Composition: Categories of Musical Instruments
52 Mixing
53 Music Composition: Remixing
54 Music Composition: Copyrights
55 Elements of Music- I
56 Elements of Music- II
57 Elements of Music- III
58 Classification of Raga
59 Various Genres of Music: Dhurpad
60 Various Genres of Music: Qawali
Quiz No.4
61 Various Genres of Music: Khayal
62 Various Genres of Music: Tarana
63 Music Composition: Thumri
64 Various Genres of Music: Dadra and Kafi
65 Various Genres of Music: Ghazal
Graded Discussion Board
66 Various Genres of Music: Geet and Pop Music
67 Sound Recording: Scientific and Aesthetic Sense of Sound
68 Sound Recording: Analog sound recording and instruments
69 Sound Recording: Digital sound recording system
70 Sound Recording: Mood of the Music
71 Sound Recording: Videography and Video Mixing
72 Sound Recording: Camera switching and camera cutting
73 Lighting, Make-up and Wardrobe: Television lighting for a musical program
74 Lighting, Make-up and Wardrobe: Lighting Functions
75 Lighting, Make-up and Wardrobe: Categories of Makeup for television programs
76 Lighting, Make-up and Wardrobe: Wardrobe for television programs
77 Post production: an introduction
78 Linear editing
79 Non-linear editing
Final Term Exams