MCD404 : Audio-Visual Editing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Editing is the most important part of video production, especially of the entire film industry. Editing can drastically change and improve the quality of the whole film in real sense. Editing, or how the video is finally assembled and put together, can make all the difference in any video production. In editing process audio editing has equal or more weightage than the visual editing so we cannot ignore the importance of the former. This course is aimed to develop professional skills among the students that are helpful in developing their audio visual editing skills. The course includes functional details of editing software Adobe Premiere pro and guidelines to operate tools regarding editing. The course includes the elements of edit, Customization, timelines, and important assets to premiere. It also includes TV broadcast standards, Adobe Premiere audio layers and Program monitor for the professional training of the students. Besides technical guidance of Adobe Premiere, the course also focuses on understanding of editing terminologies to help students grab the maximum knowledge in the field.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Will have practical and in-depth knowledge of audio visual editing
  • Use Adobe Premiere pro proficiently.
  • Use Lower Third Templates in Adobe Premiere.
  • Understand the types of animation and how you can use them in editing process.
  • Understand the editing terminologies and its application in the editing process.

Course Calendar

Production Stages1Handouts
Concept & Idea Generation2Handouts
Planning & Approval of a programme3Handouts
Casting an Anchor person5Handouts
Broadcasting Schedule6Handouts
Budgeting and locations7Handouts
Impact of a programme8Handouts
Production Phase-19Handouts
Production Phase-210Handouts
Assignment no. 01
Production Phase-311Handouts
Production Phase-412Handouts
Production Phase-513Handouts
Production Process - Introduction14Handouts
Introduction to Post Production15Handouts
Quiz no. 01
What is editing?16Handouts
Editing – Introduction17Handouts
Introduction to linear editing18Handouts
Linear editing effects19Handouts
What is NLE?20Handouts
Non-Linear Editing - Introduction21Handouts
Quiz no. 02
Telecine & Vision Mixing22Handouts
Grammar of Editing23Handouts
Types of Shots24Handouts
Mixing and use of effect25Handouts
Editing Skills26Handouts
Mid Term Exams
Video Transitions28Handouts
Elements of the Edit - Motivation & Information29Handouts
Elements of the Edit - Composition & Sound30Handouts
Elements of the edit-Camera Angle & Continuity31Handouts
TV Broadcast Standards32Handouts
Assignment no. 02
Getting Ready for Adobe Premier33Handouts
Adobe Premiere-An Overview34Handouts
Adobe Premier Customization35Handouts
Adobe Premier-Importing Assets36Handouts
Adobe Premier-Organizing Imported Assets37Handouts
Adobe Premier Source & Program monitor38Handouts
Adobe Premier Shortcut keys39Handouts
Adobe Premier Timeline40Handouts
Adobe Premier Layers41Handouts
GDB 01
Adobe Premiere-Video Transitions42Handouts
Adobe Premier-Video Effects43Handouts
Adobe Premier Audio layers44Handouts
Audio Mixing45Handouts
Music Mixing46Handouts
Editing Terminologies-Edit Decision List (EDL)47Handouts
Editing Terminologies-Editor's cut, Director's cut48Handouts
Types of Animations49Handouts
Assignment n0. 03
Adobe Premier-Sequence Animation50Handouts
Adobe Premier Audio level adjustment51Handouts
Editing Terminologies-HD &SD Resolutions52Handouts
Editing Terminologies-Montage, 180 degree rule53Handouts
Super imposed Material54Handouts
Types of Titles55Handouts
Adobe Premier - lower Third56Handouts
Quiz no 03
Adobe Premier - Ticker57Handouts
Adobe Premier - Credits58Handouts
Adobe Premier - Picture in Picture59Handouts
Adobe Premier - Blur & Ghost Effect60Handouts
Chroma Techniques61Handouts
Promo & Commercial Break62Handouts
Programs Editing Schemes63Handouts
Audio/Video files Formats64Handouts
Rendering & Exporting - Overview65Handouts
Rendering & Exporting - Settings66Handouts
Adobe Premier - Clip Notes67Handouts
Types of Video Cut68Handouts
Adobe Premier - Capturing & Printing69Handouts
Video Color Depth70Handouts
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement
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