MCD504 : Acting and Performance

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Though it is commonly said that a performer is usually a born artist but even the people having an inborn aptitude towards acting need to learn and polish their acting skills. This course is designed with a purpose to teach students all the technical and theoretical aspects of acting and performance which are considered to play vital role in making him/her a refine actor. The knowledge in the course has been shared by renowned professionals hence all the content has a strong applicability in the professional field. It is expected that the course would be able to become a strong source of inspiration through all its deliverers who are undoubtedly living legends of the silver screen who would share their experiences in order to inculcate among students the art of acting as well as the science behind it.

Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the course, you should be able to:
  • • Get knowledge of the historical background of performing arts
  • • Acquire valuable information on adopting a certain character
  • • Realize the importance of working on minute details while preparing for a certain role
  • • Understand the professional responsibilities of an actor

Course Calendar

Objectives and Television1Handouts1
Objectives and Television:22Handouts1
Objectives and Television:33Handouts1
The Communication4Handouts1
The Message5Handouts1
Forms of Drama & Acting6Handouts1
Acting on Radio, TV & Theatre7Handouts1
Forms of Acting10Handouts1
Quiz No.1
What is Acting?11Handouts1
Platforms of Acting12Handouts1
Mechanics of Acting13Handouts1
Mechanics of Acting:14Handouts1
Art of Acting15Handouts1
A screenplay is NOT a read; it's a re-read.16Handouts1
Assignment No.1
Actor’s Art17Handouts1
Actor’s Own Act18Handouts1
Actor’s self improvement19Handouts1
Actor’s Social Responsibilities/Ethics.20Handouts1
Quiz No.2
Acting as a profession21Handouts1
Self Negation23Handouts1
Self Negation-224Handouts1
Assignment No.2
Characterization Actor’s Act26Handouts1
Characterization on Actors Part27Handouts1
Actor/Director/Writer Coordination28Handouts1
Understanding between writer and Director29Handouts1
Actor’s Director30Handouts1
Learn to Act31Handouts1
Learn to Act:132Handouts1
Mid-Term Exams
A Good Artist33Handouts1
Qualities of Good Artist34Handouts1
Challenges of Acting35Handouts1
Challenges of Acting:136Handouts1
Acting Norms/Ethics37Handouts1
Professional Ethics38Handouts1
Quiz No.3
Importance of Education for Acting39Handouts1
Importance of Education for Acting:140Handouts1
Aspiring Acting:141Handouts1
Aspiring Acting:242Handouts1
Assignment No.3
Developing an Idea43Handouts1
Role of a compere45Handouts1
Role of a compere: 146Handouts1
Responsibilities of an Anchor47Handouts1
Anchorperson Performance on Screen48Handouts1
Anchor/Director Coordination49Handouts1
Anchors presentation50Handouts1
Compering/Hosting techniques51Handouts1
Attributes of a Compere52Handouts
Art of Anchoring Critical analysis53Handouts1
Art of Compering54Handouts1
Art of compering and interview techniques55Handouts1
The Interview56Handouts1
Quiz No.41
The Interview Skills57Handouts
Commentary-Part 158Handouts1
Commentary-Part 259Handouts1
Final Term Exams1
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