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MTH302 : Business Mathematics & Statistics

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The purpose of the course is to provide the student with a mathematical basis for personal and business financial decisions through eight instructional modules. The course stresses business applications using arithmetic, algebra, and ratio-proportion and graphing. Applications include payroll, cost-volume-profit analysis and merchandising mathematics. The course also includes Statistical Representation of Data, Correlation, Time Series and Exponential Smoothing, Elementary Probability and Probability Distributions. This course stresses logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to

  • Apply arithmetic and algebraic skills to everyday business problems.
  • Use ratio, proportion and percent in the solution of business problems.
  • Solve business problems involving commercial discount, markup and markdown.
  • Solve systems of linear equations graphically and algebraically and apply to cost volume-profit analysis.
  • Apply Statistical Representation of Data, Correlation, Time Series and Exponential Smoothing methods in business decision making.
  • Use elementary probability theory and knowledge about probability distributions in developing profitable business strategies.

Course Calendar

Arithmetic Operations & Using Microsoft Excel2Handout12-21
Calculate Gross Earnings & Using Microsoft Excel3Handout22-28
Calculating Simple & Weighted Averages4Handout29-38
Basic Calculations of Percentages, Averages, Commission, Brokerage and Discount5Handout39-48
Discount & Simple and Compound Interest6Handout49-59
Present Value & Furute Value & Solve Linear Equations in One Variable7Handout60-69
Compound Interest, Calculate Returns from Investments, and Annuities Using Excel8Handout70-76
Assignment # 1
Financial Math15Handout112-120
Quiz # 1
Financial Math16Handout121-124
Financial Analysis17Handout125-129
Financial Analysis18Handout130-133
Financial Analysis19Handout134-141
Financial Analysis20Handout142-146
Linear Cost-Volume Profit and Break-Even Analysis.21Handout147-149
Linear Cost-Volume Profit and Break-Even Analysis.22Handout150-157
Mid term Examination
Statistical Data Representation23Handout158-162
Measures of Central Tendency24Handout163-170
Measures of Central Tendency25Handout171-179
Tabulating Data26Handout180-188
Measure of Dispersion & Measures of Position27Handout189-199
Measures of Dispersion & Introduction to correlation and regression28Handout200-207
Quiz # 2
Correlation and Regression29Handout208-217
Correlation and Regression30Handout218-224
Chart Wizard in Excel, Moving Averages31Handout225-239
Chart Wizard in Excel, Moving Averages32Handout240-252
Time Series and Exponential Smoothing33Handout253-259
Factorials, Permutation & Combination34Handout260-268
Factorials, Permutation & Combination35Handout269-275
Patterns of Probability36Handout276-278
Patterns of Probability37Handout279-283
Patterns of Probability38Handout284-296
Patterns of Probability39Handout297-302
Normal Distribution40Handout303-314
Quiz 3
Normal Distribution41Handout315-320
Normal Distribution42Handout321-325
Normal Distribution43Handout326-328
Normal Distribution44Handout329-335
Final Examination45Handout336-340
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