STA301 : Statistics and Probability

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Starting with the basic concepts of data and its types, the course Sta301 introduces the various methods and procedures of collecting, organizing, summarizing, presenting and analyzing the data. The regression and correlation analysis is used to evaluate the relationship between two or more variables. The second portion of the course focuses on the probability theory. From the basic probability rules to the construction of all the well-known probability distributions like binomial, hypergeometric, uniform and normal distributions are discussed in this part. The course will finally introduce the inferential statistics which is further divided into estimation and hypothesis testing. It deals with the drawing of conclusions about various phenomena on the basis of real data collected on sample basis. The use of appropriate methods like Z-test, T-test, F-test, Chi-square test and ANOVA are explained with examples.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to understand:

  • Different meanings of statistics and data types
  • A variety of methods for collecting, presenting and summarizing data
  • Methodologies for regression and correlation analysis for future perditions
  • Basic concepts and rules of probability along with important probability distributions
  • Sampling concept, its types and techniques
  • Estimating and hypothesis testing using main distributions
  • Usage of Analysis-of-variance and experimental design
  • Fundamental level of skills for basic statistical computing using Calculator / Excel / Math type etc.
  • How to communicate to others the importance and relevance of statistics in the modern world
  • How to be an independent learner, able to acquire further knowledge with little guidance or support.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Statistics and Data collection1,2,3Video Lectures
Frequency Distribution and Frequency Curves4,5Video Lectures
Measures of Central Tendency6,7,8,9Video Lectures
Assignment no.1
Measure of Dispersion10,11,12,13,14Video Lectures
Regression and Correlation15Video Lectures
Basic Probability16,17,18Video Lectures
Probability19,20,21,22Video Lectures
Quiz no.1
Random Variable23,24,25,26
Discrete Probability Distributions27,28,29Video Lectures
Assignment no.2
Normal Distribution30Video Lectures
Samping Distribution of Mean and Proportions31,32Video Lectures
Method of Estimation and Confidence Interval33,34,35Video Lectures
Hypothesis Testing36,37,38Video Lectures
Hypothesis Testing39,40
Quiz no.2
Hypothesis Testing41,42
Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design43,44,45Video Lectures
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