STA730 : Advance Research Methods

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Welcome to this course titled as advanced research methods. In this session the students shall walk through the complete research process that starts with the translation of a management concern into a research problem. Students will learn the complete process to conduct research by using different research methodologies. This course covers all the important aspects of research i-e different kinds of research, sampling techniques, focus groups, interviews etc. It develops critical thinking process enabling the participants to analyze the quantitative and qualitative data and draw meaningful conclusions for sound decision making. Students will learn to interpret data by using different statistical software, and how to write proposal and thesis.

Course Learning Outcomes

In this course the participants will be taken through a process of developing their understanding of research in theory and practice. On the completion of the course the students should be able to:

  • Sharpen their analytical skills based on objective and pragmatic investigation of a situation;
  • Develop the ability to convert their managerial/administrative concerns into research problem in a clear, objective, and pragmatic manner; and
  • Prepare a research project proposal, making an appropriate use of survey research and/or case study design and tools learnt in this course.

Course Calendar

Selecting a Research Topic1
Research Proposal2
Reviewing the Literature3
Theoretical Framework and Developing Hypothesis4
Operationalization of Variables5
Research Design-16
Research Design-27
Research Design-38
Data Analysis-19
Data Analysis-210
Qualitative Data Analysis - 111
Qualitative Data Analysis - 212
Thesis Writing / Report Writing14
Thesis Writing in Qualitative Research15
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