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PSY404 : Abnormal Psychology

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

The course abnormal psychology (PSY404) is designed to introduce students to the study of psychological disorders. Topics include differentiating the normal and abnormal behaviors, history of psychopathology, research methods and designs used in abnormal psychology. The course also covers psychological, biological, and sociocultural approaches to understanding abnormality of human behavior. Classification, assessment and diagnosis of different disorders have also been discussed. The course describes a wide variety of behavioral disorders, presents and interprets case studies, and outlines recommended treatments.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of course you should be able to:

  • Explain the principles of psychopathology
  • Comprehend the psychological problems of childhood, adulthood and old age
  • Apprehend the role of research in abnormal psychology
  • Compare and contrast the different approaches to psychological disorders
  • Analyze the differences among different disorders

Course Calendar

Abnormal psychology1Handout1-3
What is abnormal behavior2Handout4-9
Psychopathology in historical context I3Handout10-14
Psychopathology in historical context II4Handout15-20
Psychopathology in historical context III5Handout21-24
Research methods6Handout25-28
Research designs7Handout29-34
Experimental research designs8Handout35-40
Research ethics10Handout46-50
Assignment 01
Causes of abnormal behavior11Handout51-55
The structure of brain12Handout56-58
Causes of psychopathology13Handout59-62
Causes of abnormal behavior Etiological factors of abnormality14Handout69-66
Classification and assessment15Handout67-69
Diagnosing psychological disorders16Handout70-72
Quiz 01
Evaluating Systems17Handout73-76
Assessment of personality I18Handout77-81
Quiz 02
Assessment of personality II19Handout82-84
Psychotherapy I20Handout85-88
Psychotherapy II21Handout89-91
Psychotherapy III22Handout92-95
Midterm Exams
Psychotherapy IV23Handout96-102
Anxiety disorders I24Handout103-107
Anxiety disorders II25Handout108-114
Mood disorders I26Handout155-120
Mood disorders II27Handout121-126
Assignment 02
Stress I29Handout131-133
Stress II30Handout134-139
Acute and Posttraumatic stress disorders31Handout140-146
Dissociative and somatoform disorders I32Handout147-151
Dissociative and somatoform disorders II33Handout152-156
Quiz 03
Personality disorders I34Handout157-161
Personality disorders II35Handout162-167
Graded Discussion Board
Alcoholism and substance related disorders I36Handout168-172
Alcoholism and substance related disorders II37Handout177-182
Quiz 04
Schizophrenia I38Handout179-184
Schizophrenia II39Handout185-189
Dementia delirium and amnesic disorders I40Handout190-194
Quiz 05
Dementia delirium and amnesic disorders II41Handout195-199
Mental retardation and developmental disorders I42Handout200-204
Mental retardation and developmental disorders II43Handout205-210
Psychological Problems of Childhood44Handout211-214
Life cycle transitions and adult development45Handout215-218
Final Term Exams
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement.
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