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SOC101 : Introduction to Sociology

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course is based upon exciting and challenging views of society by picking up material from everyday life. The students will be introduced to the basic concepts of sociology. It will enable students to understand the different sociological perspectives given by different schools of thought and an overall difference between all of these theories. It will also focus on different aspects of culture, agents of socialization and day to day interaction among individuals and groups. It also highlights the social foundation of deviance and stratification existing in the society. The course also grasps the functions of different social institutions i.e. education, family etc.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of sociology in human social life.
  • How comparative approach encourages greater awareness of cultural differences and a better understanding of the specific problems of others.
  • Know how sociology challenges the accounts of social behavior that explain it in terms of simply biological, psychological or merely individual predispositions.
  • The applicability of sociological insights to behavior of people operating in different work situations and cultures.
  • Demonstrate the dynamics shaped by modernity and globalization today, both of them influence one’s life and identity
  • Plan strategies to overcome the problems of over population and environmental issues in Pakistan.
  • Exercise self-enlightenment by enabling to formulate new discussions of global inequality, disability, ageing and the life course.

Course Calendar

The Origins of Sociology1Handouts1
Sociological Perspective2Handouts4
Theoretical Paradigms3Handouts7
Sociology as Science4Handouts10
Steps in Sociological Investigation5Handouts12
Social Interaction6Handouts14
Social Groups7Handouts17
Formal Organizations8Handouts20
Culture (continued)10Handouts25
Assignment (Graded)
Culture (continued)11Handouts26
Socialization: Human Development12Handouts29
Understanding the Socialization Process13Handouts32
Agents of Socialization14Handouts35
Socialization and the Life Course15Handouts37
Social Control and Deviance16Handouts40
The Social Foundations of Deviance17Handouts42
Quiz No. 01
Explanations of Crime18Handouts44
Explanations of Crime (continued)19Handouts46
Social Distribution of Crime: Explanations20Handouts50
Social Stratification: Introduction and Significance21Handouts54
Theories of Class and Stratification-I22Handouts56
Grand Quiz
Theories of Class and Stratification-II23Handouts58
Theories of Class and Stratification-III24Handouts60
Social Class As Subculture25Handouts61
Social Mobility26Handouts63
The Family: Global Variety27Handouts66
Functions of Family28Handouts68
Family and Marriage in Transition29Handouts70
Gender: A Social Construction30Handouts72
Gender Socialization31Handouts74
Explanations of Gender Inequality32Handouts76
Functions of Schooling33Handouts79
Quiz No. 02
Issues in Education34Handouts81
Population Study and its Significance35Handouts83
Theory of Population Growth36Handouts86
Population Profile of Pakistan37Handouts88
Population Profile of Pakistan38Handouts92
Graded Discussion Board (GDB)
Implication of Population Growth39Handouts99
Population Policy40Handouts106
Environment and Society41Handouts109
Environmental Issues42Handouts11
Social Change43Handouts113
Causes of Social Change44Handouts115
Modernity and Post Modernity45Handouts118
Final term exams
Disclaimer: This is a tentative plan for the semester. It can be changed if needed and students will be informed via announcement
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