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BIO733 : Applied Biostatistics

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course will provide researchers with the practical skills to use to cutting-edge methods in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. They will be introduced to the concept of causal inference using observational data. Thestudents will be able to correctly select the appropriate statistical analytical method to address specific research questions, conduct the selected statistical analysis using SAS software for statistical analysis, present and interpret the results appropriately and draw valid and insightful conclusions.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course aims to enable you to apply advanced biostatistical methods to address research questions.

  • Determine the appropriate statistical analytical technique for different epidemiological study designs and datasets
  • Conduct statistical analysis using advanced techniques on complex datasets with different types of variables.
  • Correctly interpret results and draw valid conclusions addressing the research question.

Course Calendar

Introduction to Biostatistics Lectures 1-41PPT
Basic Terminology - I2PPT
Basic Terminology - II3PPT
Measurement Scales - I6PPT
Measurement Scales - II7PPT
Types of Statistics8PPT
Sampling and Statistical Inference9PPT
Basic Terminology for sampling      Current Lesson10PPT
Types of Sampling Methods11PPT
Simple Random Sampling12PPT
Stratified Random Sampling13PPT
Cluster Sampling14PPT
Systematic Sampling15PPT
Non-Probability Sampling Methods16PPT
Convenience Sampling17PPT
Describing Data with Tables - I18PPT
Describing Data with Tables - II19PPT
Describing Data with Tables - III20PPT
Contingency Tables21PPT
Describing Data with Charts - I22PPT
Describing Data with Charts - II23PPT
Describing Data with Charts - III24PPT
Box and Whisker Plot25PPT
Microsoft Excel Demo26PPT
Describing Data: From its Shapes27PPT
Describing Data: From its peak28PPT
Describing Shape: From Box and Whisker Plot29PPT
Descriptive Statistics: Measures of Central Tendency30PPT
Arithmetic Mean31PPT
Appropriate Use of Measures of Location34PPT
Quantiles (Cut Points)35PPT
Examples of Quantiles36PPT
Measures of Dispersion37PPT
Absolute Measures of Dispersion38PPT
Examples for Absolute Measures of Dispersion39PPT
Relative Measures of Dispersion40PPT
Examples of Measures of Dispersion41PPT
Appropriate usage of the Measures of Dispersion42PPT
Calculating Skewness and making decision using Numerical measures43PPT
Calculating Kurtosis and making decision using Numerical measures44PPT
Counting Rules45PPT
Probability: Introduction48PPT
Probability: Basic Terminology - I49PPT
Probability: Basic Terminology - II50PPT
Assignment 1
Probability: Axioms of Probability51PPT
Probability: Additive rule52PPT
Probability: Multiplicative Rule for Independent Events53PPT
Conditional Probability54PPT
Bernoulli Distribution I55PPT
Bernoulli Distribution II56PPT
Bernoulli Distribution III57PPT
Bernoulli Distribution IV58PPT
Bernoulli Distribution V59PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution I60PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution II61PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution III62PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution IV63PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution V64PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution VI65PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution VII66PPT
Continuous Probability Distribution VIII67PPT
Introduction to Sampling68PPT
Introduction to Sampling I69PPT
Introduction to Sampling II70PPT
Introduction to Sampling IV71PPT
Stratified Random Sampling.72PPT
Stratified Random Sampling I73PPT
Stratified Random Sampling II74PPT
Stratified Random Sampling III75PPT
Stratified Random Sampling IV76PPT
Standard Error77PPT
Sampling Distribution of the sample mean78PPT
Assignment 2
Expectated value and variance of the sampling distribution of the sample mean79PPT
Sampling Distribution of the differnece between two means80PPT
Expected value and variance of the sampling distribution of the difference between two sample means81PPT
Sampling Distribution of a sample Proportion82PPT
Expected value and variance of the sampling distribution of a sample proportion83PPT
Sampling distribution of the difference of the two sample proportion84PPT
Point Estimation86PPT
Interval Estimation87PPT
Using Tables and MS Excel to obtain probability88PPT
Confidence Interval for Single Mean89PPT
Confidence Interval for the difference between Two population Means90PPT
Confidence Interval for the Single Proportion91PPT
Confidence Interval for the Difference of two proportions92PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - I93PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - II94PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - III95PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - IV96PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - V97PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - VI98PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - VII99PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - VIII100PPT
Special Assignemnt (In liue of Midterm exams)
A Tutorial to SPSS - IX101PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - X102PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - XI103PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - XII104PPT
A Tutorial to SPSS - XIII105PPT
Using SPSS to report Descriptive Statistics106PPT
Basic Concepts of Hypothesis Testing107PPT
Test Statistics108PPT
Types of Errors109PPT
Significance Level110PPT
Decision Rule111PPT
Assumptions for Testing of Hypothesis113PPT
Flow Chart for Hypothesis Testing114PPT
Testing Normality Assumption115PPT
Testing Hypothesis for Single Mean - I116PPT
Testing Hypothesis for Single Mean - II117PPT
Testing Hypothesis for Single Mean - III118PPT
Testing Hypothesis for Single Mean - IV119PPT
Testing Hypothesis for Single Mean120PPT
Testing Difference of Means in two independent samples121PPT
Testing Difference of Means in two independent samples (Equal Variances Assuming)122PPT
Testing Difference of Means in two independent samples (UnEqual Variances Assuming)123PPT
Testing Difference of Means in two independent samples(non-Parametric)-I124PPT
Testing Difference of Means in two independent samples (non-Parametric) - II125PPT
Testing Difference of Means in Two dependent samples - I126PPT
Testing Difference of Means in Two dependent samples - II127PPT
Testing Difference of Means in two dependent samples - III128PPT
Testing Difference of Means in two dependent samples - IV129PPT
Analysis of Variance130PPT
Testing Assumptions of ANOVA131PPT
Performing ANOVA132PPT
Assignment 3
Multiple Comparison Tests133PPT
Types of Multiple Comparison Test134PPT
Performing and Interpreting Multiple Comparison Tests135PPT
Bonferroni Correction136PPT
Kruskal Wallis Test - I137PPT
Kruskal Wallis Test - II138PPT
Discussion of dataset for Two-way ANOVA140PPT
Performing and Interpreting Two-Way ANOVA141PPT
Multiple Comparison Tests in Two-Way ANOVA142PPT
Performing and Interpreting Multiple Comparison tests for Two-Way ANOVA143PPT
Testing Hypothesis for Single Proportion144PPT
Testing Hypothesis for Two Proportions145PPT
Testing Hypothesis for More than Two Proportions146PPT
Contingency table analysis147PPT
Fisher''s Exact Test - I148PPT
Fisher''s Exact Test - II149PPT
Using P-Values150PPT
Tests for Goodness of fit - I151PPT
Tests for Goodness of fit - II152PPT
Measuring Relative Risk153PPT
Measuring Odds Ratio154PPT
Comparing Odds Ratio and Relative Risk155PPT
Measuring Morbidity156PPT
Measuring Mortality 1157PPT
Assumptions used for Correlation159PPT
Types of correlation and their usage160PPT
Partial Correlation161PPT
Multiple Correlation162PPT
Calculating and interpeting Correlation163PPT
Testing Hypothesis about Correlation coefficient164PPT
Assumptions for Regression Model166PPT
Steps in Regression Analysis167PPT
Understanding Dependence relationship using Scatter Plots168PPT
Principle of Leasst Squares169PPT
Least Squares line170PPT
Obtaining a regression Line using SPSS171PPT
ANOVA in Regression172PPT
Decision making Using ANOVA in regression173PPT
Calculating and Interpreting results for ANOVA in regression usign SPSS174PPT
Evaluating a regression Equation175PPT
Confidence intervals for individual parameters176PPT
Coefficient of Determination177PPT
Making Prediction using regression Model178PPT
Testing the regression Assumptions179PPT
Multiple Linear Regression Model180PPT
Obtaining and Interpreting a multiple linear regression equation181PPT
Detecting Outliers, Influential and leverage values182PPT
SPSS tutorial to Multiple regression183PPT
Regression with Qualitative Independent variable184PPT
Performing and Interpreting Regression with Qualitative Independent Variable185PPT
Variable Selection procedures186PPT
Forward Selection187PPT
Backward Elimination188PPT
Stepwise Regression189PPT
An SPSS Tutorial to Variable selection procedures190PPT
Introduction to Survival Analysis191PPT
Survival Analysis: Basic Terminology192PPT
Types of Censoring194PPT
Right Censoring195PPT
Left Censoring196PPT
Interval Censoring197PPT
SPSS tutorial to model building198PPT
SPSS Tutorial to Assumption testing199PPT
SPSS Tutorial to variable Selection200PPT
Final Examination
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