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BIF501 : Bioinformatics II

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Khizra Maqsood
COMSATS University Islamabad

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Applications of Bioinformatics, bioinformatics databases, Sequence Formats, Genome Informatics, Prokaryotic Genome, Eukaryotic Genomes ,Epichromosomal elements (EEs), Genome repeats, Transposable Elements (TEs), Eukaryotic Gene Structure,  Comparative Genomics, Comparative Proteomics, Between proteome comparison, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Gene Order (Synteny), Genome annotations, Genome Sequencing, Structure of RNA, DNA Transcription, Protein Translation, Dynamic Programming I, Dynamic Programming II, Algorithm for Dynamic Programming, Restriction Mapping I Restriction Mapping II, Partial Digest Problem, Practical Restriction Mapping Algorithm , Partial Digest Algorithm, Regulatory Motifs in DNA Sequences, Motif Finding Problem, Search Trees , Next Vertex Algorithm,  Finding Motifs, Genome Rearrangements, Sequence Similarity, Edit Distance, Scoring Alignments, PAM matrix, Local Sequence Alignment, Progressive Multiple Alignment, Gene Prediction, Prediction of Splice Junctions, Prediction of Exons, Annotation of assembled Genome, Pattern Finding in a Genome, Pattern Finding Algorithms, Brute Force Approach, Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm,DNA Sequencing,  protein sequence and identification, protein identification via database search, Modified Protein Identification Problem, Protein Structure Prediction,   Chou Fasman Algorithm, Homology modelling, Fold Recognition/Threading, Introduction to Ab-Initio Modelling,  Phylogenetics, RNA Structure, RNA Secondary Structure, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Advantages of Bioinformatics in forensic, Drug Discovery